Swiss knife for all diagnostic

Discussion in 'Computers Help' started by captainfreeky, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. captainfreeky

    captainfreeky Initiat3

    These are two bootable utility cd available on net which can come handy at anytime.

    1st HBCD (Hiren's BootCD) Download from

    2nd UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) [ulr][/url]

    3rd option if you like to put any OS along with it only with pendrive or USB (windows & Linux)

    4th need YUMI

    Tools in HBCD
    Antivirus Tools
    Backup Tools
    BIOS / CMOS Tools
    Browsers / File Managers
    Device Driver Tools
    Editors / Viewers
    FileSystems Tools
    Hard Disk Tools
    MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools
    Ms Dos Tools
    Network Tools
    Partition Tools
    Password/Key Tools
    Process Tools
    Recovery Tools
    Registry Tools
    Remote Control Tools
    Security / Encryption Tools
    Startup Tools
    System Information Tools
    Testing Tools

    Tools in UBCD
    HDD/Boot Management
    HDD/Data Recovery
    HDD/Device Info and Management
    HDD/Disk Cloning
    HDD/Disk Editing
    HDD/Disk Wiping
    [size=small]HDD/Partition Management
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  3. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Same here I too use Hirens Boot CD. I also have a Kaspersky Rescue disk just in case as Hiren I have as a bootable pendrive.
  4. captainfreeky

    captainfreeky Initiat3

    I multi boot my pendrive with hiren,ubcd,ubuntu,windows 7& 8 this come handy for diagnostic as well installation ;)
  5. akiratoriyama

    akiratoriyama Moderator

    Re: RE: Swiss knife for all diagnostic

    And I thought I was the only one tri-booting :p

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  6. guardian

    guardian Administrator Staff Member

    couldn't agree more :D

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