StorageCrypt Ransomware Infecting NAS Devices Using SambaCry

Discussion in 'Tech news' started by daljeet, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Recently BleepingComputer has received a flurry of support requests for a new ransomware being named StorageCrypt that is targeting NAS devices such as the Western Digital My Cloud. Victims have been reporting that their files have been encrypted and a note left with a ransom demand of between .4 and 2 bitcoins to get their files back.

    User's have also reported that each share on their NAS device contains a Autorun.inf file and a Windows executable named 美女与野兽.exe, which translates to Beauty and the beast. From the samples BleepingComputer has received, this Autorun.inf is an attempt to spread the 美女与野兽.exe file to other computers that open the folders on the NAS devices.

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    The best way to protect your data from ransomware attacks is to use an offline backup plan.

    Ps: malcoders are asking for a ransom of between .4 and 2 bitcoins... hey, 1 bitcoin today is around $ 16,000, LOL and some discount ?? :D
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