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    Hello Folks,

    Unfortunately due to some setbacks, our Reviews and Tests Team is not growing, yet. The former member who was asked to be a part of this Team, is no longer a part of this Team. The "Reviews & Tests" Team is really a big deal, because we are now being approached by software developers to produce Reviews for them. And because of that we need people who has a passion for doing this, which means they will produce quality results that meet our Established Guidelines. And quite frankly, we do not want just anyone. Do not ask to be a part of this Team, because if you meet the qualifications, then you will be invited to be a part of the Team.

    The Guidelines will not be complex, but we believe they are necessary to ensure that we continue to grow our reputation, and also meet the demands of the software developers. I also believe that wisdom dictates we establish some simple Guidelines. So, here goes:

    (1) You must be a member of TbT, for at least six months.
    (2) You must be an active participant. This means that you have created threads and posted comments to others threads.
    (3) You will have to create some sample Reviews, to be submitted to us, so that we can see your work.
    (4) You must follow all Established Guidelines and Rules for "Creating A Review". Please see this thread for the Reviews & Tests Guidelines: As well as be a staunch adherer to all of the General Rules and Guidelines of TbT.
    (5) You will be invited to be a part of this Team. Requests will not be entertained. They will be deleted, and you will not be considered any further, in other words, you will not ever be asked to be a part of this Team.
    (6) You must not be a part of any other Review Team--anywhere else--including working for a software developer. Your Reviews need to come from an unbiased and independent viewpoint.

    All of the above Guidelines must be met, before anyone is invited to be a part of this Team. An invitation does not mean guaranteed acceptance, it is merely the first step. All decisions are final. You will be removed from this Team--IMMEDIATELY--if you do not continue to adhere to all Six of the above Guidelines. If you are removed from this Team, you may not be asked to return. We will examine each case, carefully, thoughtfully, and wisely. This is a serious commitment, and we truly want people who are serious and passionate about this kind of work......well let's actually call it "FUN!!", because it is fun doing this.

    ** We reserve the right to modify these Guidelines, at any time and as needed. **

    And that is all, folks!!
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