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    ShareX 11.0.1


    ShareX is an open source program that lets you take screenshots or screencasts of any selected area with a single key, save them in your clipboard, hard disk or instantly upload them to over 30 different file hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Mega and Pastebin.

    User can select any or all of these tasks to be automatically run after each screen capture:

    Add image effects: User can choose from over 37 image effects and apply multiple image effects and apply them to an image.
    Add watermark: Adds customizable text/image watermark to image.
    Annotate image: Using Greenshot image editor to annotate image.
    Copy image to clipboard: Copies image to clipboard.
    Print image: Be able to print images with printer device.
    Save image to file: Saves image as file with user’s preferred image format.
    Save image to file as: Shows file dialog before saving so user can select where to write file to.
    Save thumbnail image to file: Saves resized image as file.
    Copy file to clipboard: Copies image file to clipboard.
    ...and many more taks and features you can set!!

    See more info at ShareX Home Page HERE

    Changes in ShareX 11.0.1:

    Added annotation support inside region capture. In region capture you can right click to open menu which you can select annotation tool, capture fullscreen/monitor or be able to change region capture options. You can use middle click to cancel capture.
    Added option to disable annotation support via "Task settings window -> Region capture tab"
    Removed "Region (Annotate)" capture because default region capture has annotation support now
    Added "Text capture (OCR)" to capture menu
    Also added "Recognize text (OCR)" option to "After capture tasks" menu
    Added file uploader (by @lithium720)
    Added image uploader
    Added option in "Destination settings, Email tab" to send email to a specific email address without requiring user prompt
    Added icons for "After capture tasks" menu and "After upload tasks" menu items; checked items text will now display as bold [full release history]

    Installer HERE

    Portable HERE
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    Again, another great share. I think I've used the program before, it just has been a long time!! :)
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    On me I keep it as reserve (Portable) so when I need to use two screen capture apps at the same time I ca just run it :)
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    I must confess that I tend have more than one of a particular type of software, like screen capture software, installed on my computer. Can do this with most software, excluding security-type they like to conflict with each other, and on that point, you really shouldn't have a lot of security software on your PC, anyway. Yes, you should be protected, but not to the point that you can't do anything, as I've "been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt!!" :)
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    Yeah me too here but I tend to get the portable stuff :)

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    That's funny, thanks!! ;)
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    ShareX 11.1.0_July 16, 2016

    Release notes:

    Capture related changes:

    • Tab key or Mouse 4 button will swap between last region tool and last annotation tool
    • Redesigned Task settings -> Region capture tab to be more user friendly
    • All mouse actions (except left click) will be configurable from Task settings -> Region capture that way you can get same behavior as old region capture; for example, right click to cancel capture
    • Removed AnnotationEnabled setting because you can now have full control on each mouse actions
    • Region capture will remember last used region tool and open with it selected
    • Last used annotation tool will be also remembered so that way when you swap tools it will select last used annotation tool
    • When drawing tool is selected cursor will show border color and size, this is also useful to know is current tool is region rectangle or drawing rectangle
    • Allow drawing info text near cursor when magnifier is not enabled
    • When creating region you can hold Ctrl key to change position of region
    • When region is selected Ctrl key will move region instead of Shift for consistency with region create moving
    • Holding Shift will increase region resize or move speed by 10px
    • Holding Alt will allow to resize region from bottom right instead of top left
    • Menu key will open options menu
    • Double clicking when multi region mode enabled won't close it when there is no region to be captured
    • When creating region holding Alt key will more accurately and with better performance calculate close regions to snap
    • Added previous Region capture (Annotation) back as hotkey only which will be called as Region capture (Simple annotate) in hotkey settings

    Other changes:

    • Added puush file uploader
    • Added Google Drive direct link option (by @mihe)
    • Added option to remember last drawing mode in Greenshot image editor settings window (by @campbeb)
    • Scale Greenshot image editor window size when icons are larger than default (by @campbeb)
    • Added option to maximize the Greenshot image editor window when it is larger than working area (by @campbeb)
    • In SFTP upload if file with same name is exist, truncate file before uploading
    • After capture tasks -> Show file in explorer and in other places where folder need to be opened with file, it will use already open Windows Explorer window instead of re opening new one (by @dannoe)
    • Hotkey settings and quick task menu reset to default buttons will ask for confirmation (by @dannoe)
    • Implemented Dropbox API v2
    • Option to use file extension for Hastebin syntax highlighting

    Home Page HERE


    Alternate DOWNLOAD LINK

    Portable DOWNLOAD LINK
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    The "Download Installer" link does not seem to work, on my end anyway. It brings up an error page with a lot of XML Coding on it. Just thought I'd mention it. :)

    I do realize that it can be downloaded right off the main page. :)
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    Thanks for the tip. Placed new links.
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    You bet!! :)
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    ShareX 12.1.0

    ShareX 12.1.0 changelog:

    • Upgraded .NET Framework version to 4.6.2. Because of this upgrade Windows XP and Windows Vista is not supported anymore. If you don’t have .NET Framework 4.5 or higher is installed, ShareX auto updater will not be able to show new update because we are using GitHub API to check for updates and they require TLS 1.2 now which is not supported with .NET Framework 4.0.
    • We now have a vanity Discord invite link
    • Added image editor autosize start mode, which will resize the window to fit the image. If the image is too big then window will be maximised
    • Added sticker tool
    • Added Blob Emoji sticker pack
    • Added these buttons to image editor, image menu
    • New image (Creates empty canvas)
    • Open image file
    • Insert image file
    • Insert image from screen
    • Crop image
    • Auto crop image (Removes same color sections from edges)
    • Add image effects (Allows you to apply various effects to whole image)
    • Added paste image/text button to image editor, edit menu
    • Added visual scroll bars for panning (by @L1Q)
    • Added resampling option to image size dialog
    • Added “Font size” option to step tool
    • Added “Use letters” option to step tool

    Download Installer


    ShareX Home Page
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