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    Appendix 1: SAP Account Portal.

    We may register (should) in Account Portal to easily manage our SAP license, devices, locate, create remote policies (with Premium Add-On), access to their forum, access to Online Store and get Premium, join Beta Program, download SAP Themes, extend our license days via Viral Security Program (getting bonus points), become a SAP Ambassador promoting SAP around the world and more…
    Some screen-shots of how it looks like:


    In My Devices are shown 2 connected (via our user/password signed in SAP Account Portal) devices with SAP: 1 with Premium license (Windows) and 1 with SAP for Android devices (still in Beta):

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    Appendix 2: SecureAPlus Beta for Android Systems.

    Android Device: BQ AquiarisM10HD tablet.
    Android Version: Android 5.1

    When I 1st installed SAP Antivirus for Android Beta it was build 0.1.0, with the following features:
    • Main GUI:
    MAIN GUI.png
    • UniversalAV Cloud Engine scanning for User Apps, System Apps, Individual files, Newly Installed User Apps, Updated User Apps:
    • Display Device Information:
    • SAP Account Portal:
    • Portal SignUp & LogIn (not logged and logged):
    • Account Summary:
    • My Devices. Add/Update new Devices. Add/Update new Devices. Device Data (Device ID, Name, License Expiry Date, License Code):
    MY DEVICES.png
    • Request Whitelist Approval.
    • Settings:
    • Blog:
    • Feedback:
    • About:

    With the newer and current build of SAP for Android Beta 0.2.0, some new changes:
    Since it is still in beta stage, will see how the development process evolves, but looks promising...
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    Appendix 3: Contacting to SAP Support.

    During malware testing I started to get a warning in SAP every time I updated signatures:

    ClamAV WARNING.png

    It seems a new version of ClamAV OffLine engine is available, so, I sent an email to SAP Support, and I was answered very fast:



    They offered me to try a new beta version of SAP with ClamAV engine already updated, but finally I decided to stay with stable one until the new official and stable SAP version is released (19th of February).

    Update 19/02/2018.- As SAP Support told me, today there is an update available for SAP:


    The new build is SecureAPlus 4.8.0:
    After the last update now there is a new option menu called Miscellaneous (in App Settings -> Others), previous one Management Server is now inside this new one, also the new Password for settings password protecting:

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  4. RGiskardR

    RGiskardR Malware Tester Silver Member

    The Good.png
    • Clean interface and easy accessing to most of the settings.
    • Light on resources.
    • Interesting and powerful combination of Application WhiteListing + Multi Cloud Engine + OffLine AV.
    • Very Strong LockDown Mode (good to lock systems for average/standard users disabling warnings/notifications).
    • Running a combo with a 3rd party main security solution disabling SAP UAV and SAP offline AV, to use the "anti-exe/lockdown" strong capabilities of SAP could be a great solution/alternative.
    • Great Interactive Mode for advance users, but probably too much “user dependent” for average/standard ones.
    • Strong Prevention options and flexibility even to enhance it, adding our own rules via WhiteListing Settings.
    To Improve.png
    • SAP Universal AV -> Send to Server feature: takes long (even with a supposed priority of Premium License) to scan/get the results. Sometimes more than 2 minutes for just 1 file, this can be applicable to Interactive warning setting (Send to Server) and during on demand scans.
    • SAP Cloud AV detections do not match or there is usually a discordance between SAP UAV and the same engines results, for example, in VirusTotal detections. This applicable for on demand and in interactive scans. Delayed cloud signatures in SAP UAV engines or? I got quite confused in this aspect testing malware samples...
    • To scan the same file with SAP UAV on demand twice in a short period takes long, it seems SAP must re-send to server every time, even if it was already sent/scanned a few minutes ago...
    • Default and free ClamAV offline engine not so powerful, I almost didn't get any detection from it.
    • To have an independent window to be resizeable in: Quarantine and History Reports.
    • To have an independent window to be resizeable in: Application Whitelisting -> Command Line Settings -> while adding Rules.
    • In Login Account user/password in SAP Account -> user/password data is not remembered for long, very annoying to re-type in any new Windows session, by design or?
    • Implement some roll back/clean up features after a possible infection…
    • Speed up the upload/check/get detection results from Cloud UniversalAV multi engine.
    • There is no Web/Mail traffic filtering modules...

    In general I liked so much the product, specially loved the power of WhiteListing + LockDown Mode and their settings :clap:, also the Interactive Mode (default), but on the other hand there are some aspects that should be improved such as the delay to scan and get results from SAP UAV Cloud multi engine. I would dare say that some of the engines are useless, and in this case the number is not so important but the quality and reliability of them.

    It's a good product to run a combo with a free antivirus and strength the prevention of the system via SAP WhiteListing + LockDown Mode.
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  6. Der.Reisende

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    Fantastic review @RGiskardR!
    It was a pleasure to read with those breaks in between, and a lot to see and to explore with all that screenshots!

    The product did really shine!
    I could clearly imagine this being used by common users, install and forget :)
    Even if cloud scan is to be speed up, the whitelisting module has clearly cut the edge!

    The cleanup / rollback feature suggestion is a very good one IMO!
    Still many products do not offer that on their own.

    Interesting is also the differences you mentioned between VT online detections and SAP detections.

    Great to see their support is so fast to reply!
    This is one very important aspect for me deciding on a product.

    I look forward to them to take care of your suggestions, they sure will, now as you provided them and us such a great in depth-review!

    Thank you for sharing, it must have taken you ages!
    But it was worth it!
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  7. Trim

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    Brilliant review @RGiskardR !! SecureAPlus is a very reliable product in my opinion, I especially like Lockdown mode. I liked to see all the tests of our great MTAC team, as always. :) :thanx:
  8. wwd

    wwd Illustrator Silver Member

    :thanx: Thanks :)
  9. jerzy6012.50

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    great review of this excellent program.
    a large contribution of work and it praises, perfectly.:cool:
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  10. RGiskardR

    RGiskardR Malware Tester Silver Member

    Thanks everybody! :)
  11. jasonX

    jasonX Giveaways Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks to you RGiskardR and the MTAC team who have always been supportive of the "Reviews Section" (in lieu of BC2Tweak).

    The developer loved it!


    Yeah RGiskardR you the man!
  12. RGiskardR

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    :joy::cool::clap::congrats:to MTAC team! :) :win::glad::elated:
  13. RGiskardR

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    Hi guys, there is a new update for SecureAPlus Beta for Android build 0.3.0:
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  14. RGiskardR

    RGiskardR Malware Tester Silver Member

    Hi guys, there is a new update for SecureAPlus 4.8.1:
    S1.png S2.png S3.png S4.png S5.png
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    Fantastic review and really a lot of work and commitment @RGiskardR for a very good and customizable product.
    Excellent technical inspection.

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

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    I like the way you presented all aspects in your review! I will use this as guide when I win a license! Thanks!
  17. RGiskardR

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    Thanks, glad You liked it :)
  18. RGiskardR

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