Rufus 2.9.934

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    Rufus 2.9.934


    What's new in this version:

    • Add ARM support for UEFI:NTFS
    • Fix UEFI:NTFS support for HP and Gigabyte firmwares (with thanks to Rod Smith and linnaea)
    • Fix unwanted listing of some internal removable drives
    • Fix the resurgence of a possible Syslinux installation crash
    • Fix missing default cluster size default on exFAT for >32GB drives
    • Fix the non-removal of the commandline hogger in some corner cases
    • Use "modern" file selection dialog on Vista or later (if you can spot the difference, good for you...)

    Download HERE

    Rufus FAQ HERE

    Rufus Site HERE
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    Rufus Version 3.0 (2018.05.29):

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    Rufus Version 3.1 (2018.06.19):
    • Fix extraction of ISO content for GRUB based ISOs (Manjaro, Kaspersky, etc.)
    • Fix text being truncated on some dialogs (mostly Russian and Thai)
    • Add detection & warning about the 'Controlled Folder Access' Windows 10 feature
    • Improve retry attempts for transient errors
    • Increase size of the ESP to 300MB, for Windows To Go drives partitioned as GPT
    • Update GRUB 2.0 and Grub4DOS to latest
    • Update libcdio to latest
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