Rogue Hi-jacked my S4 Android Factory Browser

Discussion in 'Virus Removal Service (VRS)' started by Cygnus X-1, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Cygnus X-1

    Cygnus X-1 Member Known Member

    I am not really overly concerned, but it does annoy me at times with the obnoxious beeps and frivolous countdown -- I utilize Dr. Web Lite for my realtime AV -- The rogue only seems to activate on one certain (legit) site, and I initially get a redirect, but never elsewhere. I dont loose sleep over this. I am simply curious about what you all have to say about it.
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  3. Hello Cygnus X-1. I'd performed a search about the annoying rogue on your phone's browser, and found a brief youtube video.
    I hope it can help.:)
  4. Cygnus X-1

    Cygnus X-1 Member Known Member

    Thank you. I just now realised you had responded.
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  5. guardian

    guardian Administrator Staff Member

    probably because of that black hole right? must be stellar!! ROFL
  6. BC2Tweak

    BC2Tweak Reviews Moderator Staff Member

    Those cotton-pickin' black holes, anyway!! ;) :p
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