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Discussion in 'Product vs Product' started by mg4, Aug 18, 2016.

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    I'm a longtime Roboform (10 + yrs) user and loved it, but had some security concerns. I started using LastPass a few years ago and I'm pretty comfortable with LP, both security wise and daily use.

    I've been intending to migrate to LP, but haven't fully yet. I do love Roboforms form filling, it works better - in my opinion - than LP's form filling.

    Also, my RF data is local only, so effectively I have my own version of password backups, as LP is cloud, on my phone with the app.
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  3. Hi @mg4. Hearing about your 10 years of comfort with Roboform, and your high marks for LastPass, was a refreshing comparison where both password managers seemingly came up roses.:)

    I have been a very satisfied LastPass user for since late 2013, when I'd first come to discover password managers existed both to enhance our passwords with encryption security while also making our online lives ever more simple and (wistfully) carefree.:glad: Recently we've added 2 step verification in order to be as secure as possible. This came to pass during a time of concern when some LastPass clients using Firefox experienced a security breach. As I recall, the vulnerability (since patched) necessitated the user to have been logged onto LastPass, at the time, and also required something further I believe was related to <clicking> or allowing something more to execute. Excuse my fogginess on the last detail.:S Now, I've made it a practice to close LastPass, once I've accessed less than a handful of sites I wish to open with passwords. My family also does this as an added security step. There has only been (1) occasion I had difficulty logging on which was brief, lasting merely minutes, possible 2 years ago or more, and certainly prior to LastPass being sold by their original developers. All in all, our family uses and feels quite safe with LastPass using the free service and extensions. Formerly, we'd downloaded the binary universal installer which allowed for more than one user to be logged on the same account at one time. My wife, I believe, still has the program installed on Windows 10.

    Roboform, including all other worthy choices, I know only by name. I wondered whether the security concerns you'd mentioned on your post remain a concern. Regardless, if you are happy with Roboform, it might be in your best interest to continue rather than completely migrating usage. This may be as convenient as the fact many have more than one computer, and also maintain more than a single motor vehicle.:pope:

    mg4, as you mentioned Roboform's data is local, it occurred to me how this may be an advantage in the event of ever needing recovery,:cool: and if LastPass' cloud storage were ever to suffer some unforeseen (however unlikely) failure. For this reason, perhaps (2) password managers might be better than one, ..unless, of course, there is any :read:unspoken, unwanted, or excessive expense involved.
    I hope we each continue well with our respective as well as identically securely functioning password managers, and may they remain bullet proof for as long as figurative bullets (breaches)o_O pose sinister:angry: unheralded threats!:glad:

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