[Rewards/Contest] : Bitdefender 2017 Beta Program Contest

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    [Rewards/Contest] : Bitdefender 2017 Beta Program Rewards/Contest


    The Bitdefender Beta 2017 has been released for public beta. Alongside of it BD is giving away prizes on those who will enter/contribute to the Beta program. Help perfect Bitdefender 2017 and alongside with some great reward/prizes:

    Surface Pro 4
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    Bitdefender 2017 1 year activation codes

    You will have to:

    1. Create a Bitdefender Central account here
    2. Select Install Bitdefender and then “Download”
    3. Read the Windows Testing Guidelines
    4. Submit feedback only through the Feedback section in Bitdefender Central


    New in 2017:


    Bitdefender has been optimized to provide the same protection on Windows 10 devices. The suite now works seamlessly on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and is fully compatible with Edge.


    Unnecessary applications that slow down your device’s boot time can now be disabled or postponed directly from Bitdefender Central. Save valuable time with the new remote Startup Optimizer.


    When you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, Bitdefender analyzes its security level and informs you about possible vulnerabilities. When using public networks, protect your sensible data in online or bank transactions by using Bitdefender Safepay with Wi-Fi Hotspot security.

    Windows Testing Guidlines HERE

    Go HERE for more Info on the BD Beta 2017

    Further BD Beta 2017 details/Known Issues etc HERE
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