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Discussion in 'Software Reviews Chit Chat' started by Spirit, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. Spirit

    Spirit Initiat3 Silver Member

    We require a fair and a good review of Hitman Pro for our Review section.

    Interested Members can post their reviews with screenshots and details in this thread.​

    Rules & Regulations to qualify for winning review entry
    1.Any Registered Member can post the review.
    2.Review should not be a copy-paste job.
    3.Review should be meaningful containing screenshots.

    Prizes for Members Participating in Review.

    The Review which will be selected the best by forum staff/Admin/Mods will appear in review section and winner will get 1 license of Hitman Pro.

    The other members who didn't win will get another opportunity to win license as they will directly qualify for our next Hitman Pro Giveaway in which they will be counted x2 during randomizing of winners.​

    Product Page

    The last date for posting a review is 24th Sept. 2013
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  3. AlexK

    AlexK Junior Member

    Hello this is my review.[​IMG]

    Who has not heard of the program from the company SurfRight HitmanPro? Are there such people? Probably. For them, I will try to bring some HitmanPro what it is and why you have it on your computer.


    Let no one be fooled by the size of the program, which is as follows:
    - 32 bit version has 8,8 MB
    - 64 bit version has 9,4 MB

    Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, XP / XP 64-bit / Vista / Vista 64-bit / 7/7 64 bit / 8/8 64-bit / 2003/2008

    Price: $ 19.95 USD

    Although the program is small then its possibilities are very large. Well just take a look at what can this small on-demand scanner. The program excels at removing the following threats from your computer: viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware software and tracking cookies. Admit that impressive list! Because the program uses technology companies such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab and Emsisoft and is very effective.
    Installation and operation of the program is very simple. Even novice users will strike deal with it without a problem.



    HitmanPro is a scanner that runs without installation. Just grab the exe file and you can start to scan for viruses.

    When you click on the "Next" button:




    Available languages​​:


    Scan options:


    The History tab: Quarantine & Logs


    When you click on 'Open', we have access to the log
    (which we can use to put on forums)


    Bookmark 'License'


    Bookmark 'Proxy'


    Bookmark 'Advanced'


    HitmanPro in action:


    Scanning for Malware Remnats


    Scan result.


    As you can see scan showed no viruses on computer. Also pay attention to the scan time, which was 1m 57s!

    HitmanPro opportunities are not limited to scanning the areas most vulnerable to infection. With the module, called HitmanPro.Kickstart we can create on USB flash drive vaccine for viruses from the ransomware "family". To start HitmanPro.Kickstart, just click on the figure the man at the bottom [​IMG] . Then HitmanPro guides you through the installation process of the vaccine.


    With this solution we can easily unlock our system and remove the virus which blocked our computer.

    Product Comparison*:
    Rescue CD vs. HitmanPro.Kickstart


    Summary HitmanPro:
    + Scan Speed
    + Percentage in the detection of viruses
    + While scanning without overloading the system
    + Easy to use
    + Kickstart function
    + Can be used with other anti-virus programs
    - Sometimes shows fals positive

    In summary HitmanPro is the perfect complement to our computer security system.

    The text may contain a lot of mistakes because I wrote it using google translate: (
    I had some free time and decided to try it. Is it good enough? We'll see.
  4. Spirit

    Spirit Initiat3 Silver Member

    Only Alexk have participated in review section so he is the only participant and clear winner.
    License of HPM sent to Alexk.
    The main giveaway will start soon
  5. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Okay thanks Spirit for clearing this giveaway. Was pending from long time. :)
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