Reviewer required for Defensewall

Discussion in 'Software Reviews Chit Chat' started by Spirit, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Spirit

    Spirit Initiat3 Silver Member

    We do require a good review of Defensewall Personal Firewall

    Product Page


    1... Don't copy paste review
    2... Don't write review at this thread but reply as "I will do" or "I am interested"
    3....The forum team will select one reviewer and ask to review him by PM
    4....All Details will be send to you by PM
    5.... Reviewer will get 7 days to review product.

    The Reviewer will get 1 license of Defensewall
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  3. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Mods and other staff members too can take up the review.
  4. whizkidraj

    whizkidraj Member Silver Member

    I like this software but Defensewall Personal Firewall doesn't work on 64-bit versions of Windows so that is why I could never use it and therefore cannot try to make a good review of it.
    But Thank you Max for giving everyone the opportunity to win a license of this great software :)
  5. KelvinW4

    KelvinW4 Board Enthusiast

    I am interested.
  6. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    If no one else is responding then Kelvin can take the review.
  7. arsenaloyal

    arsenaloyal Junior Member Silver Member

    I amactually using defensewall right now,infact just started using it the day before this request wsa made. However i willl only be participating in this review if no one else comes forward as I already have a license was Defensewall and i want others to have a fair chance.

    I am also in contact with Illya Rabinovich the developer of Defensewall over issues I have been having with pppoe connections being disconnected as he has been amazingly responsive.
  8. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    I am closing this thread as of now and giving the review to Kelvin. You have a week Kelvin to complete it. In case more time is needed PM me.

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