Researchers release DEDA to anonymize laser printer tracking dots

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    DEDA is a new tool for Linux that researchers have created to read and decode the forensic information, and to anonymize information to protect against tracking.

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation discovered in 2008 that nearly all major color laser printer manufacturers added tracking dots to any printed document. The yellow tracking dots were invisible to the eye and apparently added to printouts on request of the U.S. government.

    The foundation stopped updating the list in 2017 stating that there is strong evidence that all laser printers use some form of tracking. The organization went on to suggest that there was a strong likelihood that printers who did not use yellow dots used a different system that was not yet identified.

    A team of researchers from TU Dresden in Germany published a research paper that provides deeper knowledge of laser printer printout tracking methods. The researchers discovered a new tracking pattern, managed to decode information, and developed an algorithm to detect and extract data.

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