Researchers Come Up With a Way to Launch Rowhammer Attacks via Network Packets

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    Five academics from the Vrije University in Amsterdam and one from the University of Cyprus have discovered a way for launching Rowhammer attacks via network packets and network cards.

    Their discovery makes Rowhammer attacks easier and much more convenient to launch, as an attacker only needs to bombard a victim's network card with specially-crafted packets.

    This is much simpler than previous Rowhammer attacks that required that the attacker infected the victim with malware or tricked victims into accessing malicious websites, where they'd load the Rowhammer attack code hidden inside the site's JavaScript.

    Researchers named their new Rowhammer attack method Throwhammer, which they've detailed today in a research paper entitled "Throwhammer: Rowhammer Attacks over the Network and Defenses."

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