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    1. Run a OTL scan:

    • Download OTL using one of following links:

      EXE file
      COM file
      SCR file

      Please use the EXE version. If you have any problems with running it, then use COM or SCR. You can also try rename it to "explorer.exe".
    • Open OTL.
    • Set all sections to Use SafeList. Select "Scan All Users", "Purity Check" and "LOP Check.". If you use 64 bit system, then select also "64bit part of system".
    • Start scanning by clicking "Run Scan".
    • Two reports will be created: "Extras.txt" and "OTL.txt". Please attach both using the attachment system or Pastebin.

    2. Perform another scan using TDSSKiller.

    • Download Kaspersky TDSSKiller by clicking here.
    • Run it.
    • This is a main window of TDSSKiller:
    • Click "Start scan" button.
    • When the scan is completed, if something detected then do not remove any threats, set "Skip" to all.
    • Open the Windows Explorer. Go to C:\. You'll found here TDSSKiller log. Please copy it and attach to post or use Pastebin.
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