Process Lasso Pro : A short spin

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    Process Lasso Pro : A short spin

    Process Lasso is an effective-automated Windows process (program) management and optimization utility by managing the programs running on your computer. It increases system responsiveness and helps to prevents system stalls. It accomplishes this through what they call ProBalance technology.


    In line with our upcoming official giveaway sponsored by Bitsum, this is a short spin of Process Lasso Pro as I see it and use it everyday.

    As we have read above, Process Lasso is distinctively created to automatically manage process prioritization in realtime. Bitsum's algorithm which they call 'ProBalance' technology temporarily adjusts the priority of running processes to maintain an optimum balance your system responsive during high loads. During such increase in CPU load, your system responsiveness is extremely impacted/affected.
    How is this so? We have all heard about power-sharing especially in the political field of our government. In our PC system it is rather the same. Our CPU is shared by all running processes. Each process has a collection of threads which is basically "running tasks". Our OS sees all "threads"/" running tasks" and "shares" the CPU usage by rotating each task/thread usage for a time period or a "time slice" (imagine pizza slices). That "rotating each tasks" is scheduling those running tasks/threads. How thus it is scheduled is the "prioritization" of who will be the next to eat the pizza slice or "gets the next schedule to use the CPU".

    If you have only a "single-CPU" then it can only do one thing at a certain time thus to "power-share" or multitask all the running processes the CPU is switched for a time for all threads on your system. Imagine that stress on the CPU and the resources. For those that have multi-core CPU the advantage is that there is more simultaneous CPU thread executions rather than (with a single-CPU) just concurrently taking each turn of usage. Now most of the time there are multiple operations/processes that needs to use the CPU at the same time. This is where the prioritization comes into play because it is determined by the priority level who will use the CPU next or whose gonna be next in line. This is where Process Lasso's ProBalance excels. The "priority class" of all those power hungry-overly active processes are lowered to keep your system responsive even during high CPU load usage. The lowering of an actives processes "priority class" lowers all the threads of that process. Thus striking a balance there thus system is optimized.

    Major Features (inter-related with each other):

    • ProBalance
    • SmartTrim
    • Gaming Mode
    • IdleSaver
    • Automation

    Starting Process Lasso it will display a comprehensive detail of running processes(All processes/Active processes), info about current and past resource usages and an 'Actions Log' at the bottom of the GUI. That 'Actions Log' shows when a new process is started or terminated. See example image below where GoogleUpdate.exe which is terminated because it is in the "Disallowed process".


    Well to the first time user or ordinary user the information that is displayed there in the 'Actions Log' is a bit confusing or not much of help but as ProBalance is enabled by default Process Lasso kicks in to automatically provide system optimization out of the box. Not much trouble for the first time user. Of course experienced users are given options to configure it to their own preferences. See image below of how you are given more options.



    SmartTrim is a new feature that was introduced in version 7.8 and it is a RAM optimization component. It is not enabled by default but you can go to Options>SmartTrim and enable it there. You are given the option to set a minimum system RAM load percentage and minimum process working set expressed in megabytes prior 'SmartTrim' acting to optimize your RAM. You can also set 'SmartTrim' to function when using Gaming Mode as well as setting exclusions for processes so you won't be bothered when it is triggered.


    Gaming Mode

    Gaming Mode (also enabled by default) provides max performance by limiting the background processes resource usage when you play your games at full CPU power. Process Lasso's Gaming Mode utilizes ParkControl which controls core parking so your CPU is always running at maximum frequency (change power plan to Bitsum's Highest Performance). You can also disable 'IdleSaver' when you are playing a game you like. It is also available in the free version but it ain't fully automatic.



    IdleSaver changes the power profile of your system when your system is idle. This a great power option so you can save power automatically when your system is idle or unused.


    For those who do not want to tinker with the settings Process Lasso is great out-of-the-box. The default settings are enough for any ordinary user. For the advanced user customization and advanced settings are as shown provided to suit your own preferences like(but not limited to):
    • Adjusting process priorities and COU affinities
    • Change settings for a process/processes
    • Adjust I/O and RAM priorities either permanently or just for a specific usage
    • Add exceptions for processes
    • Keep a process running (restart if terminates)
    • Terminate a process always
    • Assign a process watchdog for a specific process where if a certain process exceeds the set threshold an action will be taken against that specific process(whether it be to restart, terminate it or change it's affinity)




    This is where Process Lasso offers you all the capabilities to tweak your setup so that all the settings you want or prefer will be implemented. It gives you full control of your PC through manually setting all that you want to be set.

    Process Lasso's Automation capabilties are mentioned below:

    It has been and proven that Process Lasso works out-of-the-box so Bitsum recommends that the ordinary user do not go about tweaking too much. Bitsum have summarized it better with the quote below.

    As I heeded this warning I did not tinker more so as not to bork my system just trying to see how Process Lasso can go further. I also have not attached "any image" in this part so as not to raise more curiosity. It kills the cat always! A reset to default settings is present but NO I'd rather not. So dorks and nerds alike you have been warned, tweak or tinker at your own risk!!!!

    For more about Process Lasso's Automation please visit HERE

    Bottom Line

    There are processes on your computer that are more important than others, regardless of how you use your very own computer. They maybe foreground programs like web browsers or office applications you use like Adobe's Photoshop, ImageReady or Premiere (on my side AutoCAD and JMP software), resource hogging games or web streams or just simple as those background processes that needs everytime.

    Sadly the Windows OS in itself does not offer many options to deal with problems arising from low priority processes eating up more resources than they should which in turn may affect core processes resulting to your system dragging to a crawl or a freeze. I have more than once been outright angry or frustrated when in between work the system comes to a standstill and you really can't do anything but wait and wait and see that cursor go round and round until you get more frustrated. In the end most of that event end up loosing what you already have done so far and you have to reboot. You end up doing it all over again.

    Sadly again while you can change process priorities for a particular session, there is not really anything in the front-end that you can use to make sure that the needed processes you require get the needed resources so they would work properly. Well that's on the geek side of things that is. For the ordinary user who does not tinker or really does not know anything but do his work that's a "game over situation" there. Calling the techs when he/she encounters an issue with his/her system is and always be a bane and a delay in work is a new issue altogether(and that's not mentioning the issue with lazy tech assistants at that!).

    Process Lasso is the very solution at that. It has and always will be a process tamer that offers an invaluable solution to all of the issues and problems we all have experienced in one way or another with our systems. Those high priority processes depending on your preference programs, games, web streams or office programs for that matter are not slowed down by other resource eating process running in your system. In general and as mentoned already, Process Lasso (as mentioned nth time!)works superb out-of-the-box! It may very well be an install and leave application for anyone. The ProBalance is in itself designed to act very conservatively though in some cases users may need to add manual exclusions(again depending on your preferred scenarios or programs you use).

    There may also be inconsistencies for first time users but anyone can always take a look at the logs because everything that Process Lasso does is "recorded". The 'Actions logs' together with the 'Insights' and 'View log' will give more than enough information to help you decide for yourself if tweaking is to be done or you can let it stand and observe system performance more. You can even disable ProBalance if by any chance find it problematic on your system. Generally ProBalance works/behaves very well in all systems though and if anyone experiences conflicts with any other programs he has they can always use the exclusions.


    Definitely Process Lasso is a keeper of an app. For ordinary everyday usage, the default out-of-the-box settings are great and will strike a gaining balance for any first time user. Again for the dorks and nerds alike that feel it's a responsibility to tinker/tweak settings further, please, heed the warning, or tweak or tinker at your own risk!!!!

    For general situations the free version will suffice but the PRO version carries more than a punch a power user will definitely love.

    Comparison betwen FREE and PRO version

    Process Lasso is FREE for home and academic use, but users can purchase the Pro and Lifetime version for additional functionality. The free-feature-limited-build will also show some non-obtrusive, non-timed nags over time (at initial startup only) and comes with ProBalance, SmartTrim and IdleSaver. Commercial users must purchase Process Lasso Pro within 30 days of use.

    All New Home Licenses Include Lifetime Updates.
    The transition to 100% free lifetime upgrades for home licenses reduces licensing complexity, making all newly purchased home licenses LIFETIME. That means customers will be entitled to free product updates, minor and major, for the life of the product. This presently applies to all Bitsum products, with the exception of some commercial licenses. So even if you have a non-lifetime update license (bought prior or commercial), then you always have the right to use the last released version during your update eligibility period. Bitsum also archives all version releases so that you can go back and download the one you’re entitled to.

    Latest stable version is Process Lasso ver8.9.8.14

    Process Lasso Update Thread HERE

    You can download Process Lasso setup files below.

    Process Lasso 32-Bit Workstation

    Process Lasso 32-Bit Server

    Process Lasso 64-Bit Workstation

    Process Lasso 64-Bit Server
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    Thanks for this the guide i have seen for this software. :)
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    a very good program and a great description jason.:)
    I get a chance to use it and I am very happy with it
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    It is without a doubt an excellent program!! :)

    Bitsum's support is top-notch, as well!! :)

    Thanks again -Mr. jasonX- for sharing this!! :D
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    Thanks for the great review.:)

    I use Process Lasso on Windows 10 with satisfaction, if I start Corel Videostudio and Firefox, I can see the difference in processes management, for sure.
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    Excellent review, jasonX. Enjoyed reading it. :)
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    Great process priority balance program, really can see the difference with many applications running simultaneously..

    excellent review jasonX..;) nicely organised:)
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    Thanks for the excellent review. I'm a licensed, long-time user, I really like this program.
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