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    Happy New Year!! good people,

    We have some exciting :news:to share!!

    After some seemingly major disturbances to my completing this PD 15 Review, we have finally completed it!!

    Program Name: PowerDirector 15 Ultra.
    Program Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/features_en_US.html?item=2&w50=1&utm_expid=5598521-177.EnamtPacQoKrtg3JL0xlyA.1&utm_referrer=http://www.cyberlink.com/index_en_US.html?r=1
    User's Guide Download Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/support/powerdirector-ultra/userguide_en_US.html
    -- The First Item listed here will be the "User's Guide". Go to the right and you will see a "Download" Button for the User's Guide. It should download it in .PDF format.
    Support Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/support/index.html
    Store Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/store/index_en_US.html
    Specs Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/spec_en_US.html
    Features Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/features_en_US.html?item=2&w50=1&utm_expid=5598521-177.EnamtPacQoKrtg3JL0xlyA.1&utm_referrer=http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/spec_en_US.html
    Comparison Page: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector-ultra/compare-versions_en_US.html

    * Here's the Screen that you will receive, after the Initial Logo Screen appears. If you choose to always enter the "Full Feature Editor", then you will not receive this Screen anymore.

    * Here's what the "Main Program Interface" looks like. You will be in the "Edit Workspace" (This is the Default for PD 15). We will henceforth refer to this program using a couple of shortcut phrases: (1) "MPI" for "Main Program Interface", and (2) "PD 15" for "PowerDirector 15 Ultra".

    ** MAIN MENU AREA **
    * Here we have specifically pointed out the "Main Menu Area". We shall immediately examine the "Main Menu", in more detail.

    * Here's what the FILE MENU looks like.

    * Here's what the EDIT MENU looks like.
    * Here's what the VIEW MENU looks like.
    * Here's what the PLAYBACK MENU looks like.

    * We are calling this "Area", the "Quick Links Area", because these are Quickly-Accessible...without having to open a "Menu".


    ** TOP LEFT SIDE OF "MPI" **
    * This part of the "MPI" contains a "Blue Camera Icon", and here's what happens when you mouse-click on that Icon.
    * This part of the "MPI" contains some additional mouse-clickable Icons, which we shall describe now.

    * Here's what the "PD 15" Media Player looks like. Most Items/Projects that you are currently working on/editing will appear in this Area, so that you can see what it looks like.


    ** PD 15 TIMELINE AREA **
    * * Here's what the "PD 15" Timeline Area looks like. This Area is where you place "Captured Content" and "Media Files", so that they can edited.




    * Now since we have entered the "Capture Workspace Area", you can see all of the Functions that are available to us in this "Workspace Area".
    * We have made a "Capture" with our First Capture Source: Our System's Webcam. And yes, you now what I look like. Because of the nature of this Review, I did not want to obscure the Capture, so that you would actually be able to see what I am writing about.

    * We have made a "Capture" with our Second Capture Source: Our System's Microphone.

    * We are preparing to execute our Third Capture Source: Capture from an external or optical device. We chose to use a "DVD" to Capture From here. Because of the Media employed, PD 15 will AUTOMATICALLY LOAD THE MEDIA into itself.

    * Now we can prepare a Capture from this "Capture Source". PD15_Screenshot25_MPI6_PD15CaptureArea3_ThirdCaptureSource_Explanation1.jpg
    * Here is the Capture Process that we went through to Capture Content from our Loaded DVD Disc. PD15_Screenshot26_MPI6_PD15CaptureArea3_ThirdCaptureSource_VideoCaptureFinalized.jpg

    * Our Fourth and Final Capture Source: PD 15 Screen Recorder.

    * This "Workspace Area" is where we actually perform the "Editing" of our "Previously Capture Content". There are 10 "Rooms (or, Sub-Areas)" contained within the "Edit Workspace Area. We will examine each "Room (or, Sub-Area)" more closely. So, let's dig in, mates!!

    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #1: Media Room.

    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #2: Effect Room.

    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #3: PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Object Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #4: Particle Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #5: Title Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #6: Transition Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #7: Audio Mixing Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #8: Voice-Over Recording Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #9: Chapter Room.
    - What you are looking at is: Room/Sub-Area #10: Sub-Title Room.

    * Now we shall be examining the "Produce Workspace Area". This is where generate the "Project Files" that are necessary to "Create" some type of "Disc Media".


    * Here's where we are commencing to setup up the "Production Process" for our soon-to-be executing.


    * Now, here's we are actually starting to commence the "Production Process".

    * And here's where, we have concluded the "Production Process". PD15_Screenshot50_MPI8_PD15ProduceArea_ProjectProductionCompleted.jpg

    ** And YIPPEE!! and GOODIE!! We have concluded the "Production Process, so our "Project" is almost done. Now, the "NEXT STEP" is to commence with the "Disc Creation".


    * Here's an "Overview" of this "Workspace Area". We shall IMMEDIATELY begin the "Disc Creation Process".

    * Now, we are proceeding to go "Step-By-Step" through the "Disc Creation Process". We will at first, go through setting-up this Process, then we we will "Step Through" the Disc Burning Process. Are you ready, good buddies? Alright, here we go then.......
    ** STEP 1.

    ** STEP 2.

    ** STEP 3.

    *** STEP3a: Here's what the "Menu Designer" looks like, that we were unable to show in the above screenshot.

    ** STEP4.

    ** STEP 5.

    * Now, we will proceed to execute the "Disc Burning Process".
    ** STEP 1.

    ** STEP 2.

    ** STEP 3.
    ** Final Step.

    * Now, here's the last Part of the "Create Disc Workspace Area". These next Two Screenshots show the "Final Results" of the entire "Project Creation Process". And we are also about to conclude this Review.

    ** The Final Results of our "Project", as viewed in the "PD 15 Media Player".

    ** Some "Additional Options" that we have on the "Final Part" of the "Create Disc Workspace Area".


    * First of all, PD 15 is an very excellent piece of software. We are very happy to have been able to Review it.

    * Secondly, these comments are regarding the very disappointing Technical/Customer Support that I have recently received from the CyberLink company. I had a small issue with PD 15 not being able to "Capture" from my system webcam. And for whatever reason, I was unable to find the reason...through my own troubleshooting, so I proceeded to email their Tech Support. When I finally received a response 1 week later from the initial date of contact, they requested specific information...which I sent them. Some information they wanted could not be sent because it was related to the issue that I was having, and I was unable to produce that information, because my issue prevented it. I only received two responses from them. The second response wanted information that I clearly told them that I could not reproduce, and that was it...no further response, period. I was in no way uncooperative. They offered no further suggestions or anything. This is very disappointing and rather unprofessional. It kind of sent me the signal that they didn't really care about my problem. I expect better from Tech Support.

    And then, I experienced some system errors, which cause me to re-format and re-install my system. This fortunately fixed my "PD 15" issue. It must have been some kind of file that became corrupted.

    I was also using a Trial Version, which expired before my issue could be resolved, hence the Review had to be put on hold. Thankfully, I was able to resume the Review sometime later.

    * Thirdly, I have been considering purchasing additional CyberLink Software, however I am re-considering this, due to my very disappointing Tech Support issue.

    * And Lastly, I felt that it was very important to this Review, to include some personal thoughts/observations about my recent experience with this Company. I do trust that this will not happen again, and by no means am I discouraging the purchasing of their products.

    **-- And that is all folks!! --**

    ** And Ladies and Gentleman: This concludes this Review/Guide of PowerDirector 15 Ultra. I trust that this has been an enlightening journey for you, as it has for us. Thanks for reading!! **

    This Entire Review/Guide: (C) Copyright BC2Tweak (aka Brent Carey). All rights reserved.
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    VERY NICE!!!!! I LOVE IT! THANKS TO THE DUDE! Gonna print this one :)
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    :great: review as always! :thanx::clap:
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  5. BC2Tweak

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    Thanks!! :)

    It did seemingly take forever to get it done, notwithstanding a few issues that I had trying to get it done. However, it was very satisfying to finally complete it. I kind of feel like that old saying: "No Pain, No Gain"!! :)
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    You did it flawlessly buddy! Congratulations!

    There are indeed drawbacks when trying out a particular software. When I was still testing AV software like Bitdefender, ESET, CIS I also had issues paving me to reformat my test partition. From then on I always prepare a test partition for any test or review I do and just stick to it so when something goes wrong I have still a couple of partitions to rely on(apart from a fresh system image of that test partition so when I want to revert to a fresh start with that test partition it's just a few minutes away).That's the stigma of testing a software we are all prone to issues that sometimes we cannot solve just like that and we have to go and ask support for their help. Here in TBT we do not only rate (and we must) only the software application but the software support as well especially when there are issues we encounter.
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  9. BC2Tweak

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    Yes indeed, there certainly can be issues, at times. :)

    The one with PD 15 was more than just the software, it was a whole system issue, which was resolved by the re-format and re-install. Will deeply consider the idea of a Test Partition, as I had not thought of that. Thanks for the idea!! :D

    And thank-you.gif for your encouraging thoughts!! :D
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    thank-you.gif thanx.gif
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    You are welcome-0005a.gif !!
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    Another great review, thank you for sharing @BC2Tweak :great::win::thanx:
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    You're welcome-0005a.gif !!
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    All reviews @BC2Tweak are at the highest level !!!!!! Really very great work :thanx:
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    A very well thought out review

    I learn a lot from reading :read: BC2Tweak software reviews and that's what is all about !!

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    I see that PowerDirector 15 has made some good changes. Have used PD12 Ultra and now PD13 Ultra and they have been with me for a long time. One change that I want to see is that Cyberlink will bundle the installer with some "free" Hollywood effects. I mean the price is costly (for me and some people) so I guess free effects other than is offered at Director Zone is or may be nice from Cyberlink. I love your review! Please do it again!
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  17. BC2Tweak

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    Maybe you could write to CyberLink Customer Service, and suggest what you have written above. I do not think it would hurt anything at all...the least they could say is no. I am sure that the experience I had was not their standard practice. I've found out that sometimes people can have a bad day or a bad attitude, no matter where they work...whether in Tech/Customer Support; or in a local Restaurant; or in a local store. Have encountered a few of those in my time. But you deal with the problem, and usually it will be resolved satisfactorily. :)

    thanx.gif !!

    We are working another Review right now, and will have it uploaded here shortly!! :D
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    Nice review BC2Tweak. Thanks for the detailed review and your final comments.
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    You're welcome-0005a.gif !!
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    thanx.gif mate!!
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    You're very welcome-0005a.gif !!
  22. BC2Tweak

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    thanx.gif friend!! :D
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  23. Rollasoc

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    As a power director user, this has been a very useful to read through. I learnt a few new things.

    I need to make some time to go through this again with the software in front of me.
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    Nice review. Thank you very much.
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