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    Links to Panda Resources

    Here is some info about the host system where I tested and ran Panda Dome Premium in a virtual machine (VMWare):

    SIV1.png SIV2.png

    The guest system: virtual machine with Windows 10 Pro x64 April Update 2018 running over VMWare 14.1.1 build-7528167 (3,5GB of RAM assigned):


    Some common applications and tools (fully updated) installed inside the virtual machine: Mozilla FireFox, FoxIt Reader, Java 8, Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016, CCleaner, Registrar Registry Manager, UltraSearch, WinRAR, Sysinternals Suite, TaskSchedulerView, Zemana Free, HitManPro Free, VT Hash Check, Norton Power Eraser, Comodo AutoRuns, SandBoxie Free.

    Installing Panda Dome Premium

    The installation was fluent and without issues, the installer detected the main language of my system (Spanish), in this 1st screen I was asked to type my activation code, then was redirected to a new screen where You may customize the folder to install and language of the product that I changed it manually to English.

    Also We have 3 check buttons (ticked by default), the 1st to install the browser add-on/extension Panda Safe Browsing Protection, and 2 more to set Panda Safe Web as default search provider and home page in our browsers. I unticked the last 2 (this question will be addressed later in the review).


    Once the installation is finished and to complete the activation, We have to type our email Panda email account address or create a new one in this moment if We still don't have it. This account will let manage the services, send queries to support, download tools, etc. related to the product. After that a validation message will be sent:

    I9.png I10.png

    Panda Dome Premium, a tour over its GUI and Settings
    The new graphic user interface of Panda Dome is clean and cute, easy to use and all the settings are very accessible. All the protection modules and extra tools and features are shown in squared icons. There is a small down (or up) arrow in top left and a vertical scroll bar on the right to go up/down and access the rest off features that can't be shown and also a button called (Aa) in bottom right of the window to show/hide the legend below every module/feature:

    NOTE: sorry guys for the delay, I'm having so many forum issues to upload/embed the animated pictures :( I'm trying to sort out them...

    TEST2: [​IMG]
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    Review is in the works and RGiskardR will soon post details and info guys! Stay tuned! Thanks!

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