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    Attention winners of:

    [Tweakbytes Official Giveaway] Macrium Reflect Workstation v6.0

    Just would like to share that since Macrium ver 7 is now up for release, the winners of the recent December giveaway/contest of Macrium Workstation ver6 will get FREE upgrade to ver7. That's straight from the Macrium Support.


    All licenses including that of which were given away as prizes for giveaway/contests 12 months before v7 is released will be eligible for a free upgrade to ver7 are covered.

    Info on Macrium Reflect v6.3.1734 HERE

    Info on Macrium ver7 HERE
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    Hi all,

    Giveaway rules are posted up front and if there are any issues with it please send a PM to Admin/me or thru any Mod. I understand that some are sour that they have not made the deadline for the win-claim. Some want to disqualify former winners etc.

    I also join giveaway/contest in some forums. Even I will feel sorry when I join a giveaway/contest and due to some issues I do not make it in time to claim my rightful win. That's that and I accept it. It is my fault that I did not make the win and nobody else.

    Rules are there plain and simple. At some point I make it lenient as possible now so all will have a chance to win. Sour-graping me won't work as what I keep in mind is "the giveaway rules have been posted and if a member joins she/he understands it". Bending them for a someone who did not meet a deadline is UNFAIR to those who FOLLOW it. You did not make it because you were busy then its your fault. You should have set an alarm to your calendar (like I do). But the thing is, sometimes you do have commitments and you may miss some and that is the reality. But it isn't the fault of the host/developer. It is entirely the fault of the one who did not make it.

    When a giveaway/contest is "open to all members" it means that --OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS! Please do not tell us to bend it so others that did not win a specific software will get more chances and disqualify those who previously won. Sour-graping will not do you any good. If its open to all members, it means those who have won previously the specific software can win again. Period. I bet if those who sour-grape where the ones who won twice then I definitely will not here a sound and he will just smile and be contented.

    Rules are there. Please do not dictate us what you want. You can ask or seek clarification and they will be heard.

    As to "license-trading", I mentioned previously (last year) that we are out to curb trading of licenses won in the giveaways and that is the reason why I inform the developers about it. There are developers who are in agreement with us, some are thinking about it and some who have no time for it. I will not publish who are they. That is my right as host and that is the agreement between them. If we find out that you are trading licenses won here you will be banned. Period. It may take sometime to determine that and some help from developers but at the end of the day, if we discover it, you know what will happen to you. I am keeping an eye on those traders in fact I have an Excel worksheet here full of it. I also have a specific Excel worksheet of the winners and what they won (when/what). There are developers that have sent me an email due to some issues with the licenses, change of email, name, etc. They have the right to cancel the license as part of the agreement. Some have been canceled already so you may have to think again. Trade at your own risk. If you get caught --game over. If not, goodluck, take the risk. That's it.

    Running the giveaway/contests take a toll on me especially in my situation but I came back and see to it that we have some giveaways/contest running for the members. especially to those that keep the light here AND because of my commitment to the developers. There are many developers that really lend a helping hand and help mentioning that they were once in my shoes. Try squeezing your way to people who personally do not know you and seek sponsorship...I get lucky sometimes but often not, but I try to get sponsors nonetheless. Unlike in other forums there are people working together to get sponsors PLUS they bargain with them by purchasing/buying the software at a discounted rate and with that get sponsorship.

    Most developers want something in return before giving you dole-outs. I cannot do that as I am all alone when dealing with the developers. I cant purchase a couple in exchange for more sponsorships or better yet more number of giveaway licenses for the members. I do not have the means to do that. All I have is my head. Its in the way I deal with developers and how they appreciate it thus we get licenses. If developers like the idea I seek their help to others of the same nature. Some help, some do not. That is the game here.

    Contacts are very important especially how you deal with them. I do not say that I have been positively okay will all. I have some dealings with developers that are outright "nasty" they wanna change the agreement when awarding of the licenses are about to start. They mention this or that. I point it to them that it is unfair and remind them of the agreement along with all the proof, correspondences etc. I fight for your win based on what we have agreed upon by the developer and I always get what is right for the winners. That is the commitment to members, friends, mates, guardian, Bala, the Mods and especially to the sponsors/developers.

    Prizes are free (as with the other forums). You just have to follow the rules/join and wait for the raffle draw or, in the case of MakeUsLaugh-developer's chosen winner, their winner. Rules are there plain and simple. Please "ask" if you do not understand. The Mods/Admins are there to help.

    When we started this Tweakbytes resurrection it was only me and guardian. artoor was a great help jump starting the giveaways. And then came BC2Tweak with the reviews and the MTAC team and there it is. But this isn't a forever gig. In one way or another I will have to end hosting giveaways/contests and pass the torch to someone else. I will not pass it on empty handed and will work something out for whoever will it be. That is for you guys. That is the commitment.

    So that's about it. Enjoy while it lasts.

    Thank you :)

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    and before jasonX became a mod he had entered a few TbT giveaways, which he was lucky enough to win but life got in his way and he missed claiming his win in the given timeframe.. although regretfully and understandably upset he admitted the fault was with him and as a true gentleman and honorable TbT member he accepted his loss.. :shake:

    so please good people no angst towards staff who are not paid but donate their personal time to source and run TbT giveaways for you our members and also respect to our very kind software developers who kindly donate licenses :shake:

    who as a business are ultimately trying to increase sales by users trailing their most awarding software and ousting experiences on to ensure future sales across our vast globe... yep to stay in business and to keep delivering and offering version updates..

    so you can see trading their donated licenses generosity is disrespectful..

    thank you for your kind understanding

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