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    Dear Fellow TbT'ers,

    We are very pleased to bring you, yet another Review/Guide, of an exceptional software program. "Shadow Defender".

    - Developer Homepage:
    - Screenshot/Informational Page:
    - Download Page:
    - Purchase/Store Page:
    - Support Page:
    - Help Page:

    - Here are the "System Requirements" for Shadow Defender:
    [​IMG] System Requirements
    Operating System: [​IMG]Windows XP / [​IMG]Windows 2003 / [​IMG]Windows Vista / [​IMG]Windows 7 / [​IMG]Windows 8 / [​IMG]Windows 10

    Memory by OS: Windows XP: 256MB, Windows 2003: 256MB, Vista: 512MB, Windows 7: 1GB, Windows 8: 1GB, Windows 10: 1GB

    Hard Disk: 3 MB for program files, 1GB or more free space for each partition in Shadow Mode

    **** INTRODUCTION ****
    "Shadow Defender" is in a class of software that is called "virtualization" or "sandboxing". What this basically means is that: "Shadow Defender" will essential put your Computer System into a state where all changes that happen to it while in the "Virtual State" disappear when the "Virtual State" is disengaged. This can help prevent malicious software items from ever becoming active on your Computer Systems. This is like your Computer System has an invisible shield around it that prevents anything from attacking it. However, it must be noted, that any and all changes that occur, while in this "Virtual State", do not remain permanent, but disappear when the "Virtual State" is disengaged. You can set "Shadow Defender" to save changes that are necessary and important, to Exclusion Lists. This is not necessarily encouraged, especially if you are working with information that does not need to be permanently saved.

    We do find that "Shadow Defender" does not: slow down our Computer System; interfere with other security software we have; unnecessarily hamper our Computer System.

    It has a small download size, and does not have a huge installation size. Do be aware, however, that a significant amount of disk space is required when "Shadow Defender" is engaged, so having large hard drive capacity is a MUST!!

    **** Notification Area Icon ****
    "Shadow Defender" installs an icon into your "Notification Area", and if you mouse-click (using the right button), you will open up a small Drop Down Menu (commonly known as the: "Right-Click Menu").

    **** Main Program Interface (or, "MPI", as it shall be referred to from here on). ****

    * As you can see, there are Seven Areas, that will be examined, each in Detail.

    ** Area #1: "System Status".

    ** Area #2: "Mode Setting".

    ** Area #3: "File Exclusion".

    ** Area #4: "Registry Exclusion List".

    ** Area #5: "Commit Now".

    ** Area #6: "Administration".

    ** Area #7: "About".

    ** And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, concludes our Review/Guide of the: "Shadow Defender" program. As you can see, it has a very user-friendly and simple interface. It's settings are not complicated, but it is still a powerful security program. We have been very pleased to present you with this information, and we trust that this will be helpful in determining you decision about "Shadow Defender". **

    This entire Review/Guide copyright BC2Tweak (aka Brent Carey). All rights reserved.
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  3. guardian

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    :great: review for an AWESOME software program .... it is set out nicely and essy to follow

    a pleasure to read :read: !!

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    Another fully explained and amazing review of this great application! :clap::cool:
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  5. Der.Reisende

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    Most useful software I've ever come across. Another great review @BC2Tweak, thank you for sharing :)
    Unfortunately, I missed the discount before New Year, can't wait for the next discount round to buy a 2nd lic of this incredible piece of soft :)

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