Office 2010 Pro cannot install due to MSXML ver 6 is needed

Discussion in 'Computers Help' started by Raul90, May 16, 2015.

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    It's been a long time I am using MS Office 2007 (not that I don't like Office 2007 but the kids are nagging me to upgrade since they are using 2010 at school) so I decided to try out the 2010 version first as the office "might" gift me with a license (perhaps keeping my fingers crossed on that). So I went on and downloaded the MS Office Pro 2010 from here:

    Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

    Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit English [link]

    I downloaded the x32 because when I used the installer for the x64 from the office it would say that I have to uninstall all x32 applications and doing so will create an issue for the reason for the x32. Now as I click the setup file an error occurs stating that an MSXML ver6 is needed. Please see image below.


    now I just searched the web and found this link, but looking closer to the details it says there,

    Now I am running Windows 7 SP1 x64 and it ain't listed there.

    So now I am reluctant to go on...not really a techy guy here.

    Is the installer correct?

    I heard that I can try Office 2010 Pro for 6 months somewhere but do not recall saving the link.....or is it 3months...? Might you guys help with that also --link to that 3mos or 6mos trial for 2010 x32...?

    Can you guys help me with this problem of mine please....
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    Sorry mate was really busy and this thread missed me. Thanks for posting the fix as well. It sure is a learning experience for others.

    So why not use Office 2013? I have found 2010 actually full of issues. Many a times my presentations made in 2007 will end up misbehaving in 2014. Learnt it the hard-way just before a presentation in college.
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    Hmmm...I still am stuck with Office 2007....and Kingsoft 2013 :)
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