Notepad gets some love in Windows 10 Build 17713

Discussion in 'Windows' started by RGiskardR, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Microsoft released Build 17713 to the Fast Ring Windows Insider channel today. The new build of the upcoming Windows 10 version 1809, out later this year, includes another massive list of new features.

    After improving the Registry Editor in the last build, Microsoft updated the plain text editor Notepad with a surprising number of new features.

    Notepad has been the default text editor of the Windows operating system for along time; the program has not changed all that much in the past decade, and many users install third-party editors like Notepad++, Text Editor Pro, or Sublime Text.

    Microsoft revealed in May that it would add support for extended line endings in Notepad. Notepad displays certain text files created on Unix, Linux or Mac OS X devices without any line breaks currently. The feature changes that as it adds support for these line breaks so that the files are displayed correctly on Windows.

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    This is a feature I have really been waiting for (I mean it serious)!
    Good they now implement it!

    Thank you for the share @RGiskardR!
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