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Discussion in 'Security Configurator' started by omidomi, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. omidomi

    omidomi Member

    Operating System: Windows 8.1
    Architecture: 64bit
    UAC: Maximum
    Real time protection: KIS 2017
    On-demand scanner: Zemana Anti-Malware (Premium),HitmanPro,Norton Power Eraser
    Backup Solution: Norton Ghost
    Default browser: Yandex Browser,FireFox
    Browser extensions: adguard,https every where.Dr.Web link checker
    Other softwares:MicroSoft office,SPSS,MiniTab,....
    Media player softwares: vlc
    Burning software:Clone CD
    OS Firewall:Kaspersky
    OS Updates & Security Patches:Automatic
    Type of User Account:Local Account
    Recent Malware Attacks:I do't remember (6or7 years lataer)
    Password Manager:last pass
    System Tuners, Privacy Cleaners and Encryption:Ccleaner(free),Glary utilities(pro)
    How often do you perform a Data Backup:monthly
    VPN Software: CyberGhost
    Other Tools: Process Explorer / AutoRuns
    feel free to help me for make my configure better :)

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  3. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    Looks very good to me, thank you for sharing!
    Have you set up 2FA in LastPass and your mail provider (I'm using both Google and Microsoft, they have it, german providers don't AFAIK...)? For even more security, you can region lock LastPass :)
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  4. Trim

    Trim MTAC Moderator Staff Member Member Of Month - Tweakbytes Defender

    A very good security configuration. You are surely safe with it!
    Thanks for the share @omidomi
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  5. revC0de

    revC0de MTAC Moderator Staff Member

    Great sharing, difficult to suggest something more, Kaspersky directs the scene as a great supervisor.
    Some doubt about Glary Utilities but if it has not caused problems until now, then it is good.

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