Mozilla Tests Firefox "Tab Warming"

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    Mozilla is currently testing a new feature called "Tab Warming" that engineers hope will improve the tab switching process.

    According to a description of the feature, Tab Warming will watch the user's mouse cursor and start "painting" content inside a tab whenever the user hovers his mouse over one.

    Firefox will do this on the assumption the user wants to click and switch to view that tab and will want to keep a pre-rendered tab on hand if this occurs.

    "Those precious milliseconds are used to do the rendering and uploading, so that when the click event finally comes, the [tab] is ready and waiting for you," said Mike Conley, one of the Firefox engineers who worked on this feature.

    Tab Warming should not be confused with tab loading or preloading. The tab must be already loaded in the browser. The feature only refers to tab "painting," which is the process of actually rendering a page's content inside a tab, which occurs every time users switch to a tab.

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