Mozilla may move Firefox New Tab Page settings to Home Preferences page

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    Firefox users who want to modify the look and feel of the browser's New Tab Page can do so directly on it in all recent versions of the Firefox web browser.

    A click on the cogwheel icon on the New Tab Page displays options to hide any element displayed by default on the New Tab Page, and to increase the number of Top Sites rows to two (instead of just one).

    Firefox users who disable all elements on the New Tab Page get a blank page. The cogwheel icon is still there, however, so that users may enable elements again if they want to do so.

    Firefox Nightly users, the version of the browser is 61 at the time of writing, may have spotted a change in the most recent version of the browser.

    Note: Any change in development versions of Firefox may or may not land in stable versions of the web browser.

    A click on the cogwheel icon does not open the New Tab Page settings as an overlay on the New Tab Page but loads about:preferences#home instead.

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