Motorola Moto G3 pictures leaked online

Discussion in 'Blog Articles' started by Bala, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Bala

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    Pretty soon Motorola is having its next launch event. Although Motorola has not said what it will be launching we are pretty sure it will be the next generation of Motorola devices.
    The Moto X3 and Moto G3 will be launched it seems.

    Even before this has happened unboxed pictures of Moto G3 have sneaked their way online. Well someone in Brazil has been busy unboxing the unit and uploading it to the internet.

    As per the previous and this leak the specifications of Moto G3 seem to be:-
    Qualcomm snapdragon 410 chipset.
    1 and 2GB RAM, ie two variants.
    Dual SIM support witg 4G LTE
    IPX7 water and dust resistant certifications. ->This is really cool, okay. Even my standard Moto G-1 is a highly rugged device.
    Mobile TV support.
    5" HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

    So enjoy the photos. The box looks cooler this year, maybe I am biased towards Purple color :p.



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  3. Master_96

    Master_96 Initiat3

    Price must be comparative to CM phones released by YU Yuphoria coz specs are comparative !! still hardware is better but that doesnt meanone should empty his pockets on it :p
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  4. ahmadkhaje

    ahmadkhaje Senior Member

    thanke you good
  5. Alister Loxton

    Alister Loxton Initiat3

    Not a fan of Motorola any more.. Had bad experience with MOTO G2..
  6. Bala

    Bala Administrator Staff Member

    Master_96 I agree completely on the price and competitive factor.
    @Alister Loxton why are u dissatisfied with Moto g2? I am completely happy with my Moto G first gen phone.

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