Microsoft Windows Security Updates August 2018 release overview

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    Microsoft released security updates for Windows, Office, and other company products on the August 2018 Patch Tuesday (Update Tuesday).

    Last month's Patch Day was not the the smoothest of them all as it had issues that affected all supported versions of Windows. Microsoft released three cumulative updates for Windows 10, one designed solely to fix issues caused by another. The Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 updates had bugs, and the .Net Framework patches caused issues on some systems they were installed on.

    We recommend to wait with the installation of the updates for at least a couple of days to monitor reports about issues. If you have to install the updates, make sure you back up the system before you do so.

    The overview covers updates for client and server versions of Windows, Microsoft Office, and other company products. It links to security advisories and support pages, lists direct downloads, and other information that is important for home users and system administrators alike.

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