Microsoft Security Updates February 2018 release

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    Microsoft released updates for the company's Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, and other company products on today's February 2018 Patch Day.

    Our overview lists all important information to make it as easy as possible to keep an overview, download updates, look up additional information, and make better decisions in regards to the installation of updates.

    It is recommended that you back up your system before you install any patches. The past has shown over and over again that updates may have negative effects on systems and that backups are the best option when it comes to rolling back.

    Our guide lists all security and non-security updates that Microsoft released since the January Patch Day. Each patch is listed with its name, description, and link to Microsoft.

    We list how Windows products and Microsoft browsers are affected by this month's updates, post known issues and security advisories. You find information on downloads and even direct links to downloads at the end of the article.

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