Microsoft removes HEVC codec in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, adds it to Store

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    New installations of Microsoft's most recent version of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update version or version 1709, come without support for the HEVC codec.

    Users who install the system anew or for the first time may notice that the codec is missing, and may install the HEVC Video Extension from the Microsoft Store to restore the functionality.

    Microsoft removed support for the HEVC codec from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for new installations. Systems that are upgraded to the Fall Creators Update version are not affected, as the codec is carried over in that scenario.

    Users who try to play videos that require the codec will get a black screen or an error message instead depending on the app or program they use to access the content. This is true even for Microsoft's own programs such as official Movies & TV application.

    Microsoft released the HEVC codec as an application that users may install to add support for HEVC videos to the system again. The HEVC Video Extension is available for free at the time of writing.

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