Microsoft plans to change Alt-Tab behavior on Windows 10

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    Windows users have several keyboard shortcuts at their disposal when it comes to switching between different programs or tabs on the operating system.

    They can use Alt-Tab to switch program windows, Ctrl-Tab to switch between tabs of a single window, and use Windows-Tab to display an overview of all open program windows and links to virtual desktops in a fullscreen interface.

    Microsoft announced on the Build 2019 developer conference that Alt-Tab behavior may change in one of the next feature update releases for Windows 10.

    The company plans to integrate a feature that it calls Sets in a future feature update for Windows 10, and it is the functionality that Sets introduces that made Microsoft rethink Alt-Tab behavior.

    Sets is a new feature that adds tabs to program windows. Think of browser tabs but for programs; you could run multiple File Explorer instances in a single program window, or combine Microsoft Edge, File Explorer, a Command Prompt, and an Excel spreadsheet in another one.

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