Microsoft Launches Windows Defender Extension for Google Chrome

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    Market share stats are the living confirmation in this regard, as Chrome is said to be running on more than 60 percent of PCs across the world, while Edge is far behind with approximately 5 percent.

    Microsoft is well aware of this, it seems, so the company is trying to go after Chrome users with a new extension that’s supposed to make browsing more secure using the power of its own Windows Defender antivirus.

    The company has launched a new Google Chrome extension called Windows Defender Browser Protection, whose purpose is to analyze the links that you open and protect you against malware and malicious websites.

    With real-time protection available right in Google Chrome, Microsoft says the chances of a cybercriminal to compromise your system with online threats like phishing emails and websites designed to trick you into downloading malicious files.

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    That could be a really good addition to a security setup. Thanks for posting @silversurfer :)
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