Microsoft Added a Dark Theme in New Windows 10 To-Do Update

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    Microsoft has been been making strides in getting a Dark Theme added to their popular apps and to finally getting it added to Windows components that do not have one yet, such as File Explorer.

    Today, Microsoft officially released a new Dark Theme for their popular To-Do app for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store. This update brings the To-Do app to version 1.34.1806.27001.

    "Introducing Dark Theme! Just head to your app Settings where you'll have the choice to select the new dark theme," stated the release notes on the To-Do app page on the Microsoft store. "We hope you'll find it as easy on the eyes as we do."

    According to WindowsCentral, this theme was previously being tested by Insiders last week and was then pushed to the app store today. In addition to adding the Dark Theme, this release also adds the following new features.

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