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  1. Petrovic

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    Changelog for [2015-03-12]
    [Main Frame]
    +Optimized HTTPS Certificate

    [Webkit Core]
    +Support of Quit full screen for HTML5

    [Main Frame]
    Input Local address changes to search item
    History Manager Titles may display errors
    Some Web Notification display problem
    Adblock causes page refresh

    [Webkit Core]
    Extensions installation leak
    Fixed RSS XSS leak
    Playback problem when you exit full screen mode in Vimeo video
    Trusted code path execution
    Error in detection of Superfish
    Repaired crash occured when you input special characters in the address bar
    Unable to filter .MP4 format in the Adblock
    Install Version:

    Portable Version:
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  3. Petrovic

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    Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows V4.4.5.600 Beta Released!
    Changelog for [2015-04-02]

    -Popup block does not display blocked urls
    -Memory leak after after taking several sreenshot
    -In some case canvas parts do not display SVG

    New features:
    +View ads filtering rankings

    *Improved cloud push contacts aquiring
    *Homepage setting security
    *Error occured when you click cancel in font customize

    Install Version:
    MD5: 4cdb56c20dc29ace66d7806c306e4b1e

    Portable Version:
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  4. jasonX

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    Maxthon Cloud Browser

    Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows uses a unique, innovative dual-core design that uses both Webkit and Trident. Fast and efficient, our dual-core design displays all web pages quickly and reliably. With its first-place HTML 5 support and ‘out of the box’ features you can‘t get anywhere else, Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows frees people to share and send files among different devices and platforms, easily.

    Release Notes:

    Improved webpage right-click menu


    • In full screen mode, using shortcut key of “lock Maxthon” would lock.
    • Browser in full screen mode.
    • When we used boss key in full screen mode, the notification of“click here to quit full screen(F11)”was still existing.
    • Importing favorites from IE and Firefox failed.
    • Ctrl+G could not open SkyNote.
    • Some Websites could be opened.
    • Accessed to some https address with special port number, browser could not get correct certificate information.
    • Opened a website and switched it into Retro Mode, then this website was still in Ultra Mode when it open in new tab.
    • In Windows 10 system, the option of “create shortcut in Quick Launch Bar (in “save as Quick App”in right-click tab menu) did not work well.
    • After Snap, can’t paste the snapped images in webpage.
    • After selected search suggestions, the related search way would be wrong.

    Installer HERE

    Poratble HERE

    Home Page HERE
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  5. Petrovic

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    Maxthon Browser

    * Fixed twitter autoplay video can not be played in question
    * Under certain circumstances the address bar drop-down menu block input
    * Night mode perfect
    * Perfect compatibility mode
    * English language translation Perfection
    * Bug fixes
    * Do not allow users from all folders drag the shortcut to the folder access list
    * QQ browser can not open e-mail or news message
    * Collect treasure, the body of the link address, select and right click and select Go to XXX, tab not directly open, but with Baidu search
    * Set the center _ when the Advanced page of the window horizontal scroll bar is too thick
    * Set the center _ shortcut set after boss key name key combination is too close
    * Clear data Clear _ other site will be a new tab to set the background clear
    * Search _ local drag pdf file browser open, select the right search words, browser crashes
    * Multiple Search _ International Edition multiple keywords search box enter cursor to the left of the string variable
    * MX4 Notepad record the HTML code, then converting the content to M5 in Moore Library shows compiled
    * Collect treasure _ compatibility mode select content sites collect, the button name is displayed in English and no written confirmation button
    * Collect treasure _ title as special characters, the browser can be normal, but they could not export the export file when
    * Setup menu _ Home button setting is not shown after restart your browser settings fail
    * Set the center _ and extended search English display code
    * Set the center _ page zoom settings fail
    * Developer Tools window and the lower number _ privacy window Developer Tools invalid
    * Set the center _ after switching functions and extended translation cancellation memorize options need to refresh reduction
    * Registration _ Chinese Version login screen right-click context menu is displayed in English
    * Personal security center _ account - Modify the mailbox, enter the e-mail address to obtain a personal center cut mail verification code and then cut back, before the page can not remember
    * Address Bar Search Engine _ Quick Search "g" + "space" after the "g" will be retained
    * Mouse gestures _ a new tab using partial collapse of mouse gestures
    * Shortcut bar on the "Quick Start collections treasure" this promotional link should be removed, restart the browser will now appear
    * Address bar _ the new tab switcher built page, the address bar enter the URL here or search
    * Split-screen mode _ shortcut keys F10 and forth into and exit from the screen mode - New Label - Last F10 shortcut key is invalid
    * Dual _ when the main screen to open a browser window and drag it to the sub-screen, does not create a second window position
    * When the Shortcut Bar shortcut bar _ no content, only horizontal line near the bottom of the Shortcut Bar points out the right-click menu
    * Layout _ inconsistent minimum width of the screen left and right split-screen
    * Personal center _F2 or F3 to switch under the label, browser crashes (toggle up and down the same label mouse gestures)
    * Personal center _ lower right corner of split-screen button is grayed
    * Tab bar _ Close the current tab settings after switching to recently viewed label, the label activation error
    * When the label tab bar _ more than the number button to hide the background tab, click on any tab to activate the label will be displayed over the close button
    * New Tab page Hide _ a new browser tab search box appears on your desktop
    * After the split screen split screen _ Open verification link, and then cancel the split screen, a new tab show abnormalities
    _ * Tab bar tab bar at the site by double-clicking on the label, is to restore the window instead of closing tag
    * Sidebar microblogging _ split-screen mode is activated sidebar Weibo login, click on the text box login screen immediately disappear
    * Address bar _ address bar content When selected, right-click, select the state disappears
    * F4 shortcut appears, a blank paragraph below the address bar
    * Two labels fill the entire tab bar
    * Under split-screen mode, the new label plus sign disappears
    * Tab bar _ shortcuts F2, F3 to switch labels can not be cut New Tab page
    * New Tab page website link into the address bar is no small bee


    You must be a Maxthon VIP user in order to use and activate the program.

    Skins for MX5
    Important: all files must be decompressed in the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\maxthon\Bin\ or C:\Program Files\maxthon\Bin\ and backup original files






    via forum maxthon
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  6. Gdant

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    does this mean, it is not available for normal user?
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  7. Petrovic

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  8. BC2Tweak

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    It is. I've done a screenshot, showing you how to Register for the v5 Beta, if you'd like.
    Forgot to highlight, the first URL to go to, and it is:
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  9. Petrovic

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  10. Petrovic

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    Maxthon Browser Beta

    Here are the changelogs :
    New functions added in this updated version:

    +Support to import mx4.x quick access local data
    +Add proxy setting on sign in page
    +Remember auto sign-in status on sign in page
    +Add more language options: bg-bg fa-ir nb-no pt-pt vec-it
    +Infobox: tool bar-menu-list view added
    +Infobox: add right click on URL to open/copy website function

    Functions optimized in this updated version:
    -Changed the download link in QR sign in page
    -Improved some over-length languages in night mode setting page
    -Visual optimization for Infobox

    Bug fixed:
    *Several occasional crashes
    *Upload pictures on Facebook
    *Tab bar: lock tab
    *Status bar: split screen button disappears
    *Tab: close tabs continuously, abnormity appears
    *Sign in: use special format email sign in, prompt email format error
    *Fixed some minority languages problem
    *Passkeeper: fix URL for 126 website
    *Passkeeper: some display abnormity in password generator
    *Passkeeper: in compatible mode, no saved indication pop up
    *Passkeeper: some bugs on languages
    *Video pop-up: close tab after popping up video, video been closed as well
    *Settings: some misdirection on locations
    *Infobox: optimized “pin to shortcut bar” function
    *Infobox: unreadable code in URL
    *Infobox: ALT+A to open shortcut folder showing error
    *Sign in with mobile number, error appears with mobile information after logging out

    Install Information
    Install Version
    Portable Version
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  19. jasonX

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    Maxthon Cloud Browser

    Fixed bugs in version

    • Changed address bar certificate pop-up message
    • Maxnote: sometimes cannot drag an entry to other places
    • Fixed the opening sequence of new tabs by right click
    • Fixed pictures’ quick saving problem in this site:
    • Mouse gesture: closing the wrong tab when using mouse gesture to “close tabs to the right”

    Download Installer HERE

    Download Maxthon Portable HERE
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  21. Petrovic

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    Maxthon NG
    In this version, Reader Mode & Retro Mode are both optimized. We also improve much on webpages fonts: support more fonts, and fix some related bugs.

    You will never experience “Ohhh! It doesn’t work” after customizing your proxy setting, changing a new English font, or clearing browsing data.
    Adblock Plus could run as normal even under private mode.

    Here are the changelogs:
    New functions added:

    Support DirectWrite font for webpages rendering
    Functions optimized:
    Better experience under Reader Mode & Retro Mode
    Bug fixed:
    Window maximize issue on the second monitor under dual monitors on Windows XP
    Ad-blocking issue in private mode
    Custom proxy setting invalid after browser restart
    Font setting_Changes to English fonts on webpages won’t apply
    Pepper data_”Clear browsing data” doesn’t work

    Install version

    Portable version
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  23. Petrovic

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  24. Petrovic

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    Maxthon Browser Beta
    New function added:
    + Can detect favorited website

    Functions optimized:
    - Cold start speed
    - ABP performance
    - Snap function under win7 system

    * Occasional black screen issue
    * Occasional crashes
    * Some issues under retro mode
    * Maxnote UI issues
    * ABP issue under private mode
    * Add controls for WebM videos
    * Remember ABP settings
    * Display issue for exported HTML notes
    * Reader mode for some sites
    * Locking screen visual effect under full screen

    Install version:

    Protable version:
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  25. Trim

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    Good fixes we have there, especially:
    Thanks for posting that @Petrovic
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  26. Petrovic

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