Malwarebytes' acquisition of Windows Firewall Control maker Binisoft

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    Security firm Malwarebytes announced last month on May 24, 2018, that it acquired the privately held Romanian company Binisoft, best know for its Windows Firewall Control security product.

    Windows Firewall Control is a standalone security product for supported versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system that adds better Windows Firewall management capabilities to the operating system.

    Check out our Windows Firewall Control Tips guide to find out more about the program's advanced features.

    As a user of Windows Firewall Control, I'm interested in Malwarebytes' plans going forward: will Windows Firewall Control remain available as a standalone product? Will it be integrated in products by Malwarebytes?

    The official press release on the Malwarebytes website provides some but not all of the answers. The company notes in the press release that the solution will be integrated into the Malwarebytes platform and company products.

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    Thanks for the update there!

    I sure hope so!
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