Malwarebytes Acquires Binisoft

Discussion in 'Tech news' started by jasonX, May 24, 2018.

  1. jasonX

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    Malwarebytes has acquired BiniSoft!

    The deal was a bid to ramp up the Malwarebytes' endpoint protection solutions. The deal targets the ease of use of BiniSoft Windows Firewal technology to help IT administrators protect enterprise endpoints through integration. BiniSoft a long time sponsor of our giveaways here was founded by Mr. Alexandru Dicu and has built BiniSoft from way up making the Windows firewall more effective via it's Windows Firewall Control.

    We will await more news from this deal and possibly directly from Mr. Dicu.

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  3. grr

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    to me this news is very disappointing.
    Already there are too many issues with MBAM, effective version 2 and beyond. Now with this acquisition, they will add Firewall also making MBAM even worse to perform.

    Given the issues with version2 i never updated and am still at v1.75. Hope to remain using the same as I have lost hope of a stable MBAM version.
  4. jasonX

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    -- I am not using their Web Protection here...I have the premium but I use it as on-demand only.
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