Mac OS X El Capitan has been announced.

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    Apple just recently has announced the next version of Mac OS. After Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X El Capitan has been announced which has some interesting features. Some of the features are really innovative and some a direct copy from Windows/Linux.


    So I will go about the feature I liked the most. Its cursor call. We many a times loose track of our cursor, and to fix this, they have got in this new feature. Just quick finger swipe over the touchpad will increase the size of the pointer to help you locate it.

    Some other features are split screen for two applications together. Then there is improvements to the photo gallery. Also Safari can now pin web pages. Seems to be lifted from somewhere.

    Lastly apps for mac OS X can now be written in Swift 2. Swift is a new programming language for Apple devices made by Apple. I can tell you one thing that Swift is pretty amazing and pretty modern. Beats the hell out of even c# which is used on Windows and the ubiquitous C/C++ and Python on linux.

    Check this page for more info on OS X El Capitan. BTW its gonna be a free upgrade via the Mac store for all supported Macs.
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    New Apple OSX 10.11 Updates found: OS X El Capitan Developer Beta 3 1.0 released.
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