Kaspersky Lab Network attacked by Duqu style malware.

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    So this is going to be a bit long and complex, which I will simplify to my best. This article talks about Duqu, yes the notorious cousin of Stuxnet which we discussed a year back and quickly forgot, while it has still remained operational.
    Now Stuxnet was a next generation malware, which blew the minds of security researches when they uncovered it. It was so stealthy and difficult to remove and leveraged so many exploits. Some exploits were not even known about, Also stuxnet was a potent backdoor. This was a backdoor for a specific Siemens device and was found in Iran's nuclear power plant to cripple its infrastructure. On the mission critical systems of developed nations Stuxnet could have wrecked havoc.
    Then came its more secretive cousin Duqu. This was also found in connection to the Iran Nuclear programme.

    Kaspersky lab has recently announced a Duqu style attack on their servers. Now Kaspersky has finally managed to find a breach occurred and is investigating the matters further. Good news is the Kaspersky product line source code and database updates have not been compromised. Also user data remains safe. We must also keep faith in Kaspersky as they were first to investigate and provide a solution for Stuxnet.

    Kaspersky calls this attack Duqu 2.0 It has worked similar to previous duqu and serves as a backdoor. It seems the attackers were interested in Kaspersky's tools and their detection systems. They wanted to know how sophisticated Kaspersky was. Now Duqu has always been found in and around P5+1 Iran nuclear deal conference regions.
    Kaspersky assures its user of full investigations. Kaspersky Labs believe political funding and support for Duqu by unknown enemies. Kaspersky says building something as complex as this would require state funding.

    They have also urged for arrests in various nations and have spoken up about the attack on security companies by other nation states. Its really chilling guys.

    You can have a nice read of the full kaspersky article and the addition report on Duqu.
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    I hope that the talks will succeed:D:D

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