Impressive WebAssembly Performance gains in Firefox

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    Mozilla has been on the forefront of WebAssembly development, a relatively new technology that offers better performance on the Web than JavaScript in many cases.

    WebAssembly offers several advantages over JavaScript. It takes less time to fetch, decode and compile WebAssembly code compared to JavaScript. You can check out this overview on Mozilla Hacks for a detailed article on the differences between WebAssembly and JavaScript.

    Mozilla engineer Lin Clark revealed yesterday that the upcoming Firefox 58 web browser would feature two new WebAssemblyfeatures that improve performance significantly.

    Streaming compilation enables the browser to compile code while it is downloaded and the new 2-tiered baseline compiler compiles code up to 15 times faster than the optimizing compiler.

    Clark notes that Firefox can compile code faster than it comes from the (average) network with these changes.

    A basic benchmark that Mozilla created shows impressive gains.

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