If I may...

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    If I may....

    Our Admin posted this last Aug 2015. I think it is timely that all read and take a moment to reflect at it.

    If I may,

    We need to get back to the previous activity levels. I(WE) need tips to do so and I(WE) need contributions from the staff and members as well. We all were part of this forum, as we were interested in tech and this was our hangout. Thats the only goal of this forum, to be a cool place to discuss software and tech news. So guys lets relive and bring back those fun days. It has been long( --too long).

    we really do need the activity and traffic and of course, sponsorship for the giveaways. I will be tweaking some rules by 2017 so activity will be diverted to the threads outside the giveaway and then back for participation. We will link "pertaining threads" to the giveaways and vice versa to related threads in Software Junction and the like.

    But aside from that, we need more activity to balance the threads/posts(the giveaways/contests will not be there forever...devs may one day not be there to sponsor us...MTAC guys can only do so much...Reviews can only be there so much...etc etc) So guys PLEASE if you can please post/create. Admins/Mods/Senior members will be around to help out. Thank you!



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