How to remove FBI Anti-Piracy MoneyPak Ransomware

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    The FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware is a Spyware that lock your computer until you send some ransom to unlock your computer. You need to send the ransom in the form of a GreenDot MoneyPak payment. If your computer in infected with a FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware you will get a screen as shown below when you try to login to your computer. This infection will not allow you to access your computer desktop, your files, or your applications until you pay them some ransom. Not sure even after you pay them, they may not allow you to access your computer since it is a Scam. To unlock your computer you are required to pay a ransom of $400 in the form of a MoneyPak voucher code. Please do not go out and purchase the requested MoneyPak.


    The lock screen from this infection pretends to be an alert from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) who has detected that your computer contains illegal and copyrighted software. It then states that due to this illegal content your computer has been locked until you pay a fine of $400 in the form of a MoneyPak voucher payment. They also state that if you do not pay the payment in 48 hours, you will face legal action from FBI. Once you send them the MoneyPak voucher code your computer would then be unlocked and the infection deleted. Last, but not lease, this infection will continuously play a fake recording from the FBI. The reality is that this is a computer infection and has nothing to do with the FBI or any other legal authority. Therefore, please ignore anything the lock screen says.

    How to Remove FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware infection...

    STEP 1 : Start your computer in Directory Services Restore Mode

    1. 1.Restart your computer
      2.While the computer is getting restarted keep on tapping on the F8 key on top row of your keyboard.
      3.Keep on tapping on that F8 key as soon as you are seeing your computer manufacturer screen.
      4.Then you will get a menu from which you need to select "Directory Services Restore Mode" by using your arrow keys .
      5.And then click on enter

    STEP 2 : Disable the Infection from the Registry

    Win Server Defender has changed your Windows registry settings so that when you try to run a executable file (ending with .exe ) , it will automatically start the infection rather than the desired programs like Internet Explorer, Your Antivirus Program, Task Manager Etc.

    • Download the RegistryFix.reg file to fix the malicious registry changes from Win Server Defender
    • REGISTRYFIX.REG DOWNLOAD LINK (This link will automatically download the registry fix called RregistryFix.reg)
    • Double-click on registryfix.reg file to run it. Click "Yes" for Registry Editor prompt window,then click OK.

    Since it is Little Difficult to find the Exact infected files of FBI Anti-Piracy Warning MoneyPak Ransomware I recommend you to use the virus removal tools to remove this infection.

    STEP 3 : Scan Your Computer using Some Good Antivirus Programs.

    1. 1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE
      2. HitmanPro
      3. Emsisoft Emergency Kit
      4. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
      5. Norton Power Eraser


    In this case we need another computer to fix this issue. What you have to do is Download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool and burn it into a CD/DVD from another computer. Then we can star the computer from that CD/DVD. Follow the steps here.

    • Download Norton Bootable Recovery Tool from this link.
    • Save the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool on your computer Desktop.
    • After completing the Download Open the File that you saved on the Desktop. It will start the Norton Download Manager as shown below.

    • When the download finishes, the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard starts automatically.
    • In the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard, click Agree & Install to accept the User License Agreement.

      If you want to change the default install location, click Install Options, and then click Browse to locate the new install location.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to create the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool on a CD/DVD media or USB key.

    • It will by Default Select your CD/DVD Writer , if it is not select your CD/DVD Writer and click on Next...

    • Now you have to Insert a Blank CD/DVD into your CD/DVD Writer and press on Ok. It will take some time to complete the Bootable Recovery Drive Creation.


    • Now Insert the recovery media in the infected computer and start your computer from the recovery media. The recovery media can be a Norton Bootable Recovery Tool CD, DVD, USB key.
      Note : If you do not know how to set your computer to boot from CD follow the steps here
    • Read the License Agreement, type your product key, and then click I Agree. (If you don't have a Norton Product key, I will send you a product key in PM or in your email. Feel Free to Ask Me Here if you don't have one Norton Key. )
    • In the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool window, click Norton Advanced Recovery Scan.
    • Click Start Scan.
    • When the scan finishes, remove the recovery media from the drive or USB port, and restart your computer.

    STEP 5 : Remove using a Bootable HitmanPro Rescue Disk
    1. Download the HitmanPro from this Link in a Non infected computer. .
    2. You need one USB Flash Drive to Create HitmanPro Rescue Disk.
    3. Connect the USB Flash Drive into your virus free non infected computer and follow the instructions in this Video.
    4. [video=youtube][/video]
    5. After Completing the Above steps disconnect the USB from the Virus Free computer and connect it to the infected computer and start the computer.
    6. Once the computer starts repeatedly tap the F11 key (on some machines its F10 or F2),which should bring up the Boot Menu, from there you can select to boot from your USB.
    7. After that follow the instructions in the second video.

    Now you will be able to use your computer with out any problems...... Enjoy....
    Sometimes computers become infected with difficult to remove "scareware" programs or they get so infected by threats that are deeply buried in the computer's operating system that special tools are required to remove them.

    According to the FBI are costing unsuspecting consumers more than $150 million per year.

    An ongoing threat exists for computer users who, while browsing the Internet, began receiving pop-up security warnings that state their computers are infected with numerous viruses.

    If a user receives these anti-virus pop-ups, it is recommended to close the browser or shut the system down. It is suggested that the user run a full, anti-virus scan whenever the computer is turned back on.

    If you have experienced the anti-virus pop-ups or a similar scam, please notify the IC3 by filing a complaint at

    FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

    If you need any more assistance Feel Free to start a Question in Our Virus Removal Service(VRS) Forum, Our Experts will get back to you in 24-48 hours.....

    Thank you Deepti
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