How to modify Windows ISO OEM data?

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    Ok, Here is a good one.
    About many full moons ago when XP roamed the earth and reigned supreme I had found an article that
    had explained how certain codes were injected in the windows ISO image that would tell Windows at installation time, when the OEM key was entered, if it matched the ISO image you were using. If it did not you would get an error that the key was not valid (or something like that). So all you had to do was to change that code to mach the manufacturer key you were using and then it would work. So, a DELL OEM disk could in that way be modified and be used for HP, TOSHIBA etc. Well....I don't know if that is still doable for WIN 7/8/10 ....and I cannot find this info any more :S

    Anyone has anything to offer on this subject?
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    Windows 7 and onwards, I think the following is the solution:

    First you have to have to modify the ei.cfg file in install media

    1. Enable OEM install, you should be able to pick both 8.x and 8.x Pro

    First of all you will need install media

    copy and paste
    into \sources\ei.cfg of the install media

    2. Now the fun part

    1. Install Windows 8.x be sure to pick the right edition that came with your pc or laptop
    2. Download & Run Windows 8 Product Key Viewer 1.4.7d from Softpedia
    3. Check the MSDM KEY checkbox, and copy the key
    4. Win + R
    5. Then type
      & Enter
    6. Paste in the key
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