How to handle failed downloads “virus detected” on Windows 10

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    I tried to download a file recently on a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update system using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, and could not because all blocked the file download because of a virus that was detected during the security scan.

    Chrome displayed "Failed - Virus detected", Microsoft Edge "[filename] contained a virus and was deleted", and Firefox simply "failed" in the user interface.

    Windows Defender was the security program on the machine, and a quick check revealed that the built-in security tool was indeed responsible for blocking the file download on the machine.

    I knew that this was a false positive, and the following paragraphs describe how I tried to get the file to download to the system.

    First thing that I did was start Windows Defender Security Center to find out more about the threat.

    Start the program with a tap on the Windows-key, type Windows Defender, and select the entry Windows Defender Security Center.

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