How to fix broken USB install damaging your Linux dual boot

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    Rather than a very straightforward tutorial type article, I thought I would tell you a true story of what happened to me immediately before writing this, and how I solved it.

    Tonight before I started working on some articles for Ghacks, I decided to wipe my current setup and install the latest version of Linux Mint Cinnamon edition, and see how she runs. This laptop currently has Windows 7 and Antergos dual-booted.

    I couldn’t find the usual flash drive I keep handy for firing LiveUSB’s up, so I grabbed another random one I had laying around, and I quickly popped open Rufus, made my USB, and booted into Mint. I noticed that the boot was a bit slower than it had been in the past, but I thought perhaps that might just be attributed to this version of Mint, no big deal, and moved on to continue with the installation.

    Full source:
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    Thanks RGiskardR!

    Actually your post is similar to what we will be having soon in one of the mechanics of our future giveaway :) Instead of answering a question those who join will be asked for something similar :) Great :)

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