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    Adguard has published a new online tool that users from all over the world may use to download applications from the Microsoft Store.

    You may remember that Adguard created a tool in 2017 to download Windows and Office ISO images from Microsoft servers directly.

    Update: Adguard has pulled the service for now (a minute after publication, go figure!)

    You had two options to download apps from Microsoft Store up until now and both worked on a Windows 10 device: use the Store to download and install the apps, or use a traffic monitor to intercept the downloads and save the application files directly to the system.

    The new Adguard Store interface changes this as it provides anyone with options to download any Store application. All you need is the link to the Store to do so; you can select to download a specific version, e.g. for release versions of Windows 10 or Fast Ring.

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