How to delay the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

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    Microsoft will release the next feature update for the Windows 10 operating system, called the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, in April 2018.

    The company releases feature updates twice a year; these updates introduce new features and bigger changes to the operating system opposed to cumulative updates which tend to focus on security updates and bug fixes.

    Feature updates take longer to install as it is closer to installing Windows from scratch than installing a smaller update.

    Microsoft improved the time it takes to install feature updates, but it is still a lengthy process even if the feature update installs without complications.

    While the upgrade should install fine on most Windows 10 systems, users and administrators may have good reasons for wanting to delay the installation of the new feature update:

    • Features introduced in the Spring Creators Update are not interesting or useful.
    • The current system works well and changes introduced in the new version change workflows or introduce other issues.
    • There is always the chance that updates fail, and it takes time to roll back or find out why it failed and how to resolve the issue.
    • It is often a good idea to wait a couple of weeks to see if users and admins report issues.
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