How to clean up the Windows Program Files folder

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    Win32 programs have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the installation process. Programs may install in various directories, may write to the Registry, or run on system start without asking the user about it.

    Most programs install in one of the "official" program folders. There is c:\Program Files\ for 64-bit applications, and c:\Program Files (x86)\ for 32-bit programs.

    It often happens that the removal of programs leaves traces of the program on the system. It may be an empty start menu folder, values in the Registry, or files and folders on a connected hard drive.

    Leftovers don't cause functionality issues usually. There are exceptions to the rule, but the vast majority of leftovers have no impact on a system's performance or stability.

    They may cause other issues however like wasting disk space or making it more difficult to navigate the Start Menu or folders.

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