How to change the language of Microsoft Office

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    Microsoft Office uses the language of the system to display interface elements usually. That's usually what users of the program want, but some users may want it to use a different language instead.

    I for instance prefer to run the English version of Microsoft Office. The reason is simple: whenever I write an article about Office, I need to use the English terms for menus and options as I write these articles in English.

    It would not do anyone good if I would reference these in German, as users would not be able to locate those in the interface. Changing the language may also be useful if you write in different languages regularly.

    Office distinguishes between three areas where language may be changed:
    • The user interface includes all menus, buttons, preferences, and basically any text that is displayed as part of the interface.
    • Proofing tools are used to check the grammar and spelling of text.
    • The editing language in which content is edited.
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