HitmanPro.Alert 3.6.3 Build 578 BETA

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    Changelog (compared to 574)
    • Improved compatibility with third-party applications trying to modify our DLL in-memory
    • Improved compatibility with Turbo.net (or Spoon.net) applications
    • Improved Self Protection
    • Improved ROP exploit mitigation
    • Improved CryptoGuard
    • Added tamper protection to CryptoGuard minifilter
    • Added Hangul Word Processor to Software Radar
    • Fixed rare crash in Firefox caused by misaligned stack
    • Fixed compatibility with Trusteer Rapport on 32-bit browsers
    • Updated Network Filtering component
    • Updated Libpng library to latest version
    • Updated sqlite3 library to latest version
    Known Issues
    Overwatch still cannot start with this build. Please add Overwatch.exe to Exclude category in order to start Overwatch. We are still investigating.


    This build is co-signed by Microsoft and is therefore suitable on Windows 10 with Secure Boot enabled.

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