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    HitmanPro.Alert Final
    Changelog (compared to 563)
    • Added thumbprint based suppression technology
    • Improved CryptoGuard
    • Improved BadUSB enable/disable
    • Improved Application Lockdown
    • Improved DEP mitigation reporting detaills
    • Improved LoadLib mitigation
    • Improved WipeGuard
    • Improved SEHOP mitigation
    • Improved compatibility with 32-bit Java desktop applications requiring 1GB+ memory
    • Improved colored window border to support app windows (eg. KeePass)
    • Fixed support for Windows XP
    • Fixed Intruder detection on Websense DLL in 64-bit browser processes
    • Fixed ROP detection in Photoshop Elements Editor
    • Several minor improvements
    Download: http://dl.surfright.nl/hmpalert3.exe
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