HitmanPro 3.7.14 Build 280

Discussion in 'Hitman Pro' started by Der.Reisende, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Der.Reisende

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  3. davhag49

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    Is this software worth spending money on when there are so many other good software out there.
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  4. Der.Reisende

    Der.Reisende Malware Tester Silver Member

    Although I'm a happy SurfRight user, I might suggest giving SecureAPlus a try. Gives a lot for the money it seems, using it for one day now, very impressed. Signature detection is stunning, and the VirusTotal rating and signature based "default-deny" option is quite interesting :) There are plenty of other indicators it uses, too, like as trusted certificates. You can either have one year free or premium for 90 days, getting back to free after that if I've read right.

    Hint: You can use HitmanPro free as long as you not activate the 30-days trial to remove malware. To remove malware, go for the free Zemana Anti Malware instead. HitmanPro finds more hidden threats, while Zemana is very good in PUP and common virus removal.
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