Google will change the login prompt this month

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    Google plans to roll out a change to the company's login prompt this month that changes the design but not the functionality of the prompt.

    While the redesign is not major by any means, any change to the login page or prompt that Internet companies with hundreds of millions of users make is major as users who encounter the new login prompt for the first time may wonder whether that is a change made by the company or an attempt to phish their login data.

    Google redesigned the login prompt but has not changed the functionality of it. Google's last major redesigns of the sign in page date back to 2013 and 2015 when it made things more difficult for multi-account owners and when it switched from a single-form to a multi-form sign in page.

    You need to enter the username (email usually) first, select sign in and enter the password on the next page that opens. The system does not change, but the design of the login page does.

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